Pathfinder Kingmaker

Akiros' Report to the Upper Council

in the small hours

Akiros’ briefing took about 30 minutes, in keeping with his concise, focused manner of speaking. There were few questions during, as he had anticipated many of those he might might be asked for clarification, and on related side issues, too. Open questions & discussion carried on for more than an hour after he finished his formal presentation.

An observer would carry away the following key points:

  1. The area around the old docks – the ones built early in Misthaven’s history and now a sideshow to the active waterfront – were slums, and riddled through with crime. Akiros believed that the number of vacant buildings and confused, twisting streets and alleys provided a great deal of concealment for criminal activity. There was circumstantial as well as actual evidence that some gangs called this area home, and that a variety of illegal goods and services could be purchased or arranged for in this relatively small corner of the city.
  2. The construction camps around the waterfront, still very much under (re)construction after having been blown up during the war, had been consistent sources of petty crime: prostitution, drugs, gambling, and the occasional fight that got out of hand. If there were gangs running those sorts of activities in the city, it was certain that they’d have contacts in those areas. Saul was known to operate in that area, according to Akiros’ intelligence.
  3. The drug trade is a problem in Misthaven – there’s no mistaking or hiding from it. What started out a few years ago as the typical sale of various mushrooms and weeds and roots and other esoteric items from the Narlmarches has transitioned away from less harmful substances to highly addictive narcotics. Akiros has shut down a few brothels that were fronts for such sales, and has been trying for some time to penetrate the groups that are responsible for the worst of it. Unfortunately, he’s been unable to do so, and has lost a few potential informants over the last several months, and with them trails of clues. His hunch is that there is a very sophisticated, organized operation at the core of it, and they know how to stay hidden.
  4. Two months ago a small temple to Gyronna was discovered, and the small coven of worshipers broken up. Followers of the ‘Angry Hag’ are never a good sign, and, like other vermin often come in far larger numbers than is obvious. He’s been trying to see if there are others since, but has not uncovered anything definite to date.

In a nutshell, Akiros’ constables are reliable, capable, and good at typical local law enforcement. He does not have the manpower – especially since the mandatory domestic spending cuts kicked in during the war – to carry on complex investigations. He has a few solid trackers and would-be detectives, but beyond that he’s pretty limited in what he can do. He’s advocated for more funding for more officers, more surveillance, and better, ongoing training; however, since crime in Misthaven hasn’t been a problem to date he’s not had much luck. It’s clear that he understands why the Upper Council didn’t fund his every request, and yet he’s still disappointed that it’s taken such seemingly dire circumstances to bring light to the fallout.


“People, I believe we are in a position to provide the funds to Akiros for what he needs. The war is over, and more than ever, our whole conversation as of late is to remove the cancer that has wormed it’s way into the belly of our great capitol city. I put forward the following:
We allocate the funds necessary for Akiros’ investigations, providing him the freedom to beef up his retinue of officers, stronger surveillance, and finally better and more frequent training. There are many elements within this that Akiros obviously cannot do alone, not for lack of skill but rather the sheer magnitude. With that said, I believe our unique skills that each of us possess, can be put to good use as a strike force of sorts, providing additional surveillance (especially the more dangerous assignments), and as well passing our skills through training. Each of these can and will be dissected further to bring it all together, but I say this is the most important step.”


“Additionally, I believe we need to do beautify the waterfront, restore it to its former glory. This can start with simply providing street lamps throughout the area, throwing out the damn unions. Through Akiros’ suggestion, we will put circles of scrying in place in targeted areas that will provide us with eyes on the scene if something is happening.
I would also like to Hallow the grounds in the name of Irori, while there are several options, I will attach a Zone of Truth to the area, so that any evil-doers entering will be forced to speak the truth.
There are more tricks, but this we can begin immediately. The Send stones should be distributed amongst Akiros and his men to better assist in rapid communication.
I will be speaking with the local clergy about re-establishing our clinic within the area, possibly even extending the hours to help provide a better image for us, and more eyes and ears within. I apologize for the braindump but Akiros’ statement started my ideas percolating.”


Sheesh Reg, cutting me off right at the knees! I’m already short enough.


Requests can be made for more than mere funds. I can scry on various places and people. I am more than willing to assist in looking for these culprits if necessary, I’m sure Pik has gifts from irori which would also help. Placing complex spells permanently in and around the docs would not be cost effective as once they understand where these spells are located would be avoided. Although some permanent light lamp posts would do well for the citizenry


Akiros thinks that the lamp posts are a very good idea, and would both provide for safer evening outdoor spaces, as well as help his men focus more on the shadowy areas. He agrees with Zion that permanent scrying locations might not be worth the trouble, given that once their locations and limits are understood, they won’t be worth much but to fools who offer little more larceny than purse-snatching and the like. The big fish will not be held back by efforts like that.


Correct, we can move the locations, and within a week, we could probably have the whole area Hallowed by Irori and/or Erastil. It lasts for one year.


Could we not also enlist the assistance of Father Terrence Thromby from the Irori temple and Father whatshisname who is in charge of our Erastil temple and whom we met at Oleg’s when we first came here?


Ok, so we are in agreement that we will provide more funds. I will leave now to begin the moving of the clinic, preparing the rotations for extended hours with the conscripted clergy. Whispers will be sent to request assistance from our other cities (divine and arcane allies within our realm), at least what they can spare without impacting their own security. Zion, you are much more adept at the scrying techniques, if you would make a plan for that, and the street lights, rely that you can plan on support from the clergy. Anton and Reg, if you would work with Akiros to develop a training structure? That is long-term, but if you’de help him get a good idea of where you would like us to start, we can come together tomorrow morning to begin moving forward.


“By all means, if I am off the mark, please let me know. I am in no way an expert of martial and/or arcane ways.”

Pik turns to Tessara, “Tessara, would you help me with getting the clinic moved, and pulling all these faiths together? They can be feisty at times.”


“Yes, yes of course I can help with that,” replies Tessara. “I have contacts in the local apothecary and midwife communities, as well – I think they could both be of help, too.”


“Far be it for me to dissuade us from city improvements, however, now is not the time to begin working toward that front, we are only now stabilizing from the wars we’ve faught, and the newly constructed docs are beginning to see traffic again.
This caretaker should be our focus, not scrying pools. We can task a spell caster, or cleric of light power to begin lighting the streets. And not just the docs. All the streets of Misthaven. Can we task a blacksmith to build posts to hold the lights?
Tessara” Zion has a look of almost vomiting, " have you met this care taker in person? Received anything from him/her? Mannerisms, shape, locations, habits? What about the little man you brought in? What knowledge does he have? He has had direct contact, no?
Also, I bring up the assassin. Provided we can parole him and properly leash him, he would be a valuable ally. WITH HIS AGREEMENT, we can place a geas on him to loyalty to the kings, (not to Tessara until we can determine her guilt or innocense) besides… His freedom will come from our natural death, or we release him individually.
The caretaker is our Target, not improving the city just yet.


Reg grumbles, as he often does before making a point.

“If the Caretaker’s involved in the assassination attempt, or connected to it, and to the crime, then this is two sides of the same issue. I say we support Sir Akiros so that he can work from the ground up to improve our city while improving his constables’ effectiveness. At the same time we go after this Caretaker directly. We’ve enough resources and wits to manage both efforts,” he states, arms crossed, chin jutting out in a show of confidence in his words.


“OK, so we task some of the acolytes and the silver mages to begin work on lighting the city. While I see that it may not be paramount for the whole capitol, it is definitely warranted for the Docks area right now. It would go a long way in helping our constables do their duty, make the citizens feel safer, and discourage those that have evil on their mind from doing it.

Regarding the assassing, I believe the geas was ruled out. While I would think retaining him in a holding cell while we work on this task for interrogations, you want to parole him? Consider if the roles were reversed, and he had attempted to assassinate you. Just consider…"


Reg chuckles at Pik’s wit.


I would have the confidence in our spell casters to get the job done right. The Geas would be a condition of his parole, along with the removal of this caretaker. (Similar to what we did with warner von brown after ww2 to help with the space race.) His removal of the spell is our deaths of natural causes, or we release him voluntarily. He is an elf, and thus will out live all of us a hundred times over. Again, he would have to submit willingly. If he refuses… Rot in the dungeon.
meta for building… A 3rd lv mage can cast a permanent light spell 1 per day. Once we get the black smith rolling, a couple metal molds and we have pole toppers to hold an enchanted light stone, he could turn out dozens a day. Then a couple lumber guys can cut down the trees we need to place the light holders. We can have the city lit within days if we have a few spell casters working together.


There are enough mages in Misthaven to create a heap of such devices over a period of a week or two. They’ll have to be paid, of course, as will the blacksmiths and carpenters, and then there are the installers – but all that aside, you guys could light up a decent amount of the city over a period of a month. And the lamps could be in shielded metal lanterns that the constables, as part of their rounds, could open at dusk each day. Akiros, in fact, recommends this course of action: make the lighting of the streets each night part of their patrols, bringing focus to the change and to their patrols.

He suggests lighting up the working-class neighborhoods that border the worst parts of town first, and then working into those worst areas after the first big delousing push takes place. There’s no sense, he says, in working so hard to light up sections of town that few honest people roam at night when doing so in the poorer areas would make a difference for those folks quickly, and since it’s those neighborhoods that feel so much of the spill-over of crime from those really bad areas. Clean up the really bad places under the cover of darkness, he says, so we can do a fine job…and light up those humble streets so as to drive the vermin back into the dark, “where we’ll be waiting.”


Anton willingly adds his say to the collective crowns for funding of the lighting project. Although he would love to assist the constabulary with the undercover work, He doesn’t think he’d disguise well. He’d be happy to have the scum run from him into the waiting nets of the law.
Regarding the prisoner, Anton is politely adamant that the assassin belongs to His Majesty Pik to kill, question, or release.


On another note, Anton will begin a tour de force with the training suggested by Pik. While he reviews the troops, he will detect evil. Interviews would go especially well if Akiros and Anton both were to ‘sense’ which applicants were to be sifted from the rest.


Over a period of weeks the light posts can be constructed and installed, per Akiros’ suggestions. The creation of training programs and gathering of people to be trained will take longer. Although Akiros and his top men have ideas already, and have put things to paper, building the actual programs and school house(s) will not happen overnight. What this means is that the efforts you’re collectively undertaking to create resources that will choke off or isolate crime can be had…but will take time to put in place, and time after that to have a lasting impact.

In the meantime, what do you do? What will you do with the assassin? What about these supposed cults? What about the drug trade? What about Tessara? Consider all those things but please do not respond to this post any more; I’ll create a new one with more information from Akiros, as well as some other developments, and you can add them there. 20+ comments is enough for any one post, I think.


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