Pathfinder Kingmaker

By Spring, 4713

information & intel

Information is a collection of facts, culled from reliable sources through reliable means, and corroborated through multiple sources. Intelligence is information analyzed for a purpose, and therefore includes at least some conjecture and guesswork.

Beginning in February of 4713, small teams of Mistborn Rangers began to attempt infiltration of the Glenebon Uplands, which is the most widely-used name for the increasingly hilly territory west of the Hooktongue Slough, and therefore west of the most distant holdings of the Kingdom of the Mistmarches.

This effort, combined with an undercover mission directly to Pitax, comprised attempts by the Mistmarches to discover the true intentions, dispositions, and capabilities of their new western neighbor and its ruler, King Castruccio Irovetti.

The infiltration teams were supported with arcane tools: Zion’s newly-learned scrying ability, the creation of sending stones for brief voice communication, and other means.

A small group of agents sought to penetrate the city itself, disguised as a merchant caravan and using forged papers.

By late spring, the following events took place and facts were established. That is to say, here is your information.

  1. King Irovetti has a powerful police force in Pitax, and figures prominently in the legal, economic, and social affairs of the city – much more so than the kings do in Misthaven. He sponsors an academy of the arts and various tournaments, contests, and other special events
  2. The General of the Grand Army of Pitax is an ogre mage named Avinash Jurrg
  3. Pitax’s military consists of at least two regiments of foot, and there may be other irregular forces stationed in the hinterlands outside the city
  4. The ‘Death Dealers’ are an elite unit of wyvern-riders in Pitax’s service, and spend time patrolling the frontiers of the nation
  5. One team of rangers, that with the southernmost approach into Pitax, disappeared in April. Contact was lost when they didn’t report back with a sending stone on schedule. They’d met with no resistance or really experienced anything of interest in their one-month old mission.
  6. The undercover team in the city had to lay low due to the police presence, and a general air of paranoia in Pitax, but did ID the general and found out about the Death Dealers.
  7. The northernmost ranger team, which moved through southern Brevoy to get into the Glenebon Uplands, was attacked and dispersed by hill giants early in their mission, with only 3 of the 7 troops returning alive.

All this information had been collected by June, and the military forces you trained & now possess are ready as of 1 July.

So what sort of intelligence will you try to make of all that?


We should construct ballistas on wheels and that swivel to point into the air…and of course train teams to use them. Perhaps we can increase our chances of hitting the wyverns if we put magic into the bolts?
We should also establish some back up plans for the possibility of other magical beasts in addition to the ogre mage.
Sounds like we should do more magical recon of the areas where our scouts were turned back.

By Spring, 4713

the bit about the wyverns arrived just before the courier did, when the undercover team finally returned from Pitax. They took a long, circuitous route there and back so as to not arouse suspicion. Additionally, the whereabouts of the Death Dealers is unknown. The team saw members of the unit in Pitax almost two months ago, got some information about them, saw some wyverns take flight, and that was it. Their existence is confirmed; their capabilities, size, and whereabouts are not.

By Spring, 4713

Wyverns??? I want a wyvern. How can we get wyvern riders? How much do those cost? Hmmm, how much is a wyvern egg?

By Spring, 4713

Potions of airwalk or fly might be a viable counter measure to the beast. Wonder if I can summon a Roc?

By Spring, 4713

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