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In Defense of Burmovton

Anton, Pik, Zion, and Kincaid appeared on the town common in a whirl of wind and light, teleported instantly from Misthaven to the besieged city. Tessara had already climbed out of a clump of crabgrass down the street and was heading for city hall, in search of the lord-mayor and military commander, a Captain Kesepton.

Events were moving quickly, and the enemy army had already formed up for an assault, which began with a wild charge by heavy foot, supported by archers. Anton and Pik, seeing the nearly broken spirits of the people, took to the walls to exhort them few defenders to do their best. Zion and Tessara used their magic to put out fires lit on the outer wall, and to douse flames launched into the city by archers & catapults. Kincaid fired innumerable arrows into the attacking waves.

The enemy’s ferocious attack was broken, but not without dead in the city, and noteworthy damage to the perimeter wall. As bucket brigades made up of ordinary citizens – children, the elderly – formed to prepare for another onslaught, the enemy’s war horns called for another charge.

Again the walls stood. The kings did what they could from within the city. Given that no cavalry or heavy foot had been assigned to Burmovton, opening the gates to let out even a party of skirmishers would have been a dereliction of duty, should the enemy be able to take the gates. So long as the walls held, the city would stand. By about 10pm, and after two bloody frontal assaults and enemy scouting parties probing the entire perimeter of the city, the attackers withdrew to the southeast, and were last seen moving off into the dark, moonless night, seemingly toward the Narlmarches, or possibly back to the Tatzylford Pike to the south. It was also possible that they might make for the Farmer’s Road, which led directly to Myralanna, the largest city in the northern portion of the realm.

By almost midnight most of the fires had been extinguished, the dead collected, and the wounded treated to the extent that magic and healing could accomplish on short notice.

The shocked look of the people gave the kings pause. War had come to the Mistmarches. The kings had not invited it, they had not asked for it, and yet it was here. And Burmovton had felt it first, and without the army to defend it. As they moved through the town, the kings could feel the questions, the accusations, the needs of the people: what will become of us? what will you do for us? who will suffer most for this war of the river kings?

Use this post to discuss, as the kings, what to do next. Remember that this took place only hours after you returned from the tournament. It’s been a long day, kings.


Once the battle is complete, dead gathered, and fires doused, Zion spends some time with the people. He commends their bravery, and determination to protect their families and town. Trying to boost their spirits of a job well done against this unjust and very unprovoked attack.
Shortly there after, he finds some please to bed down to sleep.
When the morning comes, and his strength to cast spells has returned, he digs out the mirror from his bag, casts create water into a cleaned basin and begins casting. His first scry is to the general of the invading force. The road the army took could lead to two destinations. He attempts go garner their next town they are after and see if battle plans can be seen.
Next is to the town of Freeton. Zion must know the fate of his brother and the armies of the Mistmarches stationed there.
Finally, he looks to Pitax itself. Find their king and listen in on his coming and goings. The Pitax king gets a will save, as does the general. The general gets a +5 as Zion hasn’t met him. The Pitax king has a -2 if I can get a likeness drawn of him. I’m guessing Reg wouldn’t resist. DC is 20. Once i have this information, Zion brings it to his fellow kings and queen.

In Defense of Burmovton

The scry attempt on the general fails. No one knows anything about him other than his name and that he is an ogre mage.

Freeton is safe, albeit shaken by news of the attacks on the two regiments the night before. Lord Numesti has taken precautions to defend the town, and is in contact with Akiros and Reg. That’s all you know from him.

Pitax…funny you should scry its king…because there is a new adventure log for that!

In Defense of Burmovton

One more thing for the sake of clarity: the Myralanna Regiment, under Akiros, is stationed south and somewhat west of Freeton, while the Misthaven Regiment is directly north. Both units are about 8-10 miles from the town. This is based on the orders those units were given when the deployed. The kings had not had any contact with them since before the Rushlight Tournament – they were on the march, and the kings busy, and without the sending stones for each of those units.

In Defense of Burmovton

Pik will take the time as well to give a rousing speech, and reassure them that they’re Kings have their safety in mind.

In Defense of Burmovton

Pik is able to make a positive impact on the people in the town common, along the walls, and in the farmers’ guild hall, which has been set up as a hospital. People respond well to his presence, and the fact that even a man so small in stature can be brave in the face of danger – this rubs off on them.

In Defense of Burmovton

With half of his 4th level spells cast, Zion decides to attempt the general once more. He tries to get as familiar with him as possible.
First step is the field of battle. Fly around where the general was stationed to attempt to find anything that was cast off by the oger mage. Bring any mistborne rangers to assist . Second, any prisoners that may have been taken of the army. There are always some who are left for dead when the attacking army moves on quickly. Find the highest ranking prisoner. Talk to him about the general, and plans of the invaders. Happily put up with the “my general is GREAT and will smash you to pieces with his great sword. You’ll never breach his mystical armor.” I’m looking for a better understanding of the General. Any boasts are often rooted in fact, but blown out of proportion.
Zion is trying to get a better understanding of who is the general.
Once Zion has a better knowledge of the general is, hopefully have an item from him. (A cast off goblet, a report that was provided, a half eaten chicken leg, whatever) Zion will attempt once more.
Later in the day, before the cavalry arrive, Zion will try the Pitax King again.

In Defense of Burmovton

No living enemy soldiers are found out on the field – some appear to have been killed by their own men before the army departed. The scry on the cannot work today since the first one failed – fail a scry and the target is immune for 24 hours (Zion, I think would have felt that, and so he didn’t waste that scry on the general again).

Later in the day – around lunch, actually – Zion is again able to home in on Irovetti. A new post exists for that.

In Defense of Burmovton

1) If we can find one that appears to look of importance (i.e. officer or something), I can perform a Raise Dead on them. I would have to rest and pray prior to casting it, but it can be done.
Let me know, but it will delay us longer…
2) I do not think it is a good thing to have a regiment wandering around in our kingdom, so, we’ll need to send the Dragoons out after them to squash the threat at the very least. Unless you guys think we can take care of Ivoretti fast enough and get back to take them out.

In Defense of Burmovton

I have a thought. Does this town have swift horses to send our newly esteemed scouts to follow them? An army should be easy to track. Once we find out their direction, we can send the dragoons to nibble at their heels to either slow them down, or clumsily speed them up so they’re losing equipment etc.
If we can slow them down enough, perhaps we can get our own foot soldiers to the foreground to destroy them coupled with the cavalry.
Or if they get sped up, perhaps they’ll leave behind any siege engines they may be bringing with them. Lower their effectiveness in battle.
(I don’t know if these tactics would ne easily taken into account for the mass combat system. Perhaps lower their effective level from 4 to 3. Or from whatever their level is at this time. Hopefully, with the cavalry, we can get the invading army to get arrayed for battle with our dragoons, but we don’t attack to just keep them in one spot consuming their resources. If they attack, the cavalry fall back, or have a fighting retreat.

In Defense of Burmovton

Or… Zion could teleport to the Rushlight, invisible himself and go become familiar with a teleport point closer to the palace if not in the palace. The rest of the group could take out the army with the dragoons. This is a suggestion only to have us pop-up in front of Ivoretti and not have the army on the back of our minds.

In Defense of Burmovton

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