Pathfinder Kingmaker

It's your problem now.. lords

The five Rangers, along with a few senior Mistborn Ranger officers, withdrew from the royal audience chamber. They’d presented their report, provided evidence, and had answered a great many questions from Kings Anton, Pik, Reg, and Zion, and Sir Akiros. They’d done their jobs well, having saved a forest, a village, and alerted the kingdom to a threat from abroad.

Now it was up to the kings to determine what to do about the winter portal – one of seemingly many. Pik had, through contacts in other countries, learned of at least four other such portals, and so the tale that they would spread across Golarion had at least some credibility.

And while the young Rangers had done their jobs well, it was obvious that they were not up to the task promised on the other side of the swirling light and wind: a fight with Queen Elvanna of Irisen, and her host of winter witches and warlocks. They’d been wise to bring the news to their superiors; and their superiors had been wise to alert the kings immediately.

The summer had been a pleasant one, with the kings and city of Misthaven enjoying a period of calm and seemingly pent-up, suddenly-released prosperity and goodwill at the conclusion of operations to crush organized crime in the city. The docks were clear and clean, and several major criminal leaders had been killed or captured, and their gangs and networks largely broken. While crime would never go away, it was on the run at this point, and the realm and kings were benefiting from it.

Now this challenge sat at their feet. How they decided to deal with it could possibly shape the future of the realm, and perhaps that of the world at large. The kings were now, they realized as they looked at one another, at a crossroads, placing them between their work in the Mistmarches, and their potential role on a much greater – and much riskier – stage.



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