Pathfinder Kingmaker

Misthaven Gazette

December 4713, v3

The following stories are printed in the third volume of the weekly newspaper in Misthaven:

  • Trade with Mivon has picked up considerably, despite the heavy snows and frozen rivers. Several influencial trade houses in Misthaven have signed contracts with various consortia and factors in that River Kingdom, many with the improvement of river infrastructure being planned, and the opening of storefronts for companies from Mivon in Misthaven.
  • Food prices have gone up more than normal for the winter, with produce being especially hard-hit. The heavy snows have made travel from the south difficult, and fishing on the Tuskwater and Candlemere has been less productive due to the bad weather and thicker ice. While shortages are not expected, it will likely be a lean winter for other sectors of the economy as people tighten their budgets to put enough food on the table.
  • A traveling drama troupe, ‘The Penultimate Players,’ that had been on contract at the Orpheum Theater during the fall has decided to stay on for the winter and is putting on two new shows: a comedy about the political strife in Brevoy, and what they’re calling a ‘pocket epic’ about the founding of the Mistmarches. The latter piece promises to pay respect to the men and women who settled the realm, while offering some satire to lighten spirits during the long winter.
  • Three people have turned up dead in Old Water (the first set of piers, now a rundown part of town) over the last month. While murder and other crimes aren’t rare in this seedier part of the city, the victims had not been robbed or beaten. Their causes of death are currently under investigation by the Watch.
  • The reconstruction of the waterfront, partially destroyed early in the War with Pitax, will not be fully restored until spring, due to the weather. The local 38th of the United Brotherhood of Avistani Carpenters has petitioned the crown for continued payment on their contracts despite their inability to work. They see it as a good faith investment of the spoils of “a war of shared sacrifice” that will enable them to not seek work elsewhere, thus preventing work from getting underway immediately upon the first thaw.


Good thing Zion hired all of them to build his mansion in SilverWorld or they would have to do something else for the winter.

Misthaven Gazette

…the carpenters that is…

Misthaven Gazette

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