Pathfinder Kingmaker

Planning for Phase 2

assuming that phase 1 is over

Use this post as a place to put comments to plan in specific terms for the units you want to build, if any; where and how you’d like to deploy existing units; and how you’re going to prosecute the war.

In order to help with this, here are a few tidbits of information:

  1. Pik is able to reach his contact in Pitax once, and he states that the king’s weapon is in development, and the king has disappeared from daily affairs after the return of the oni. All other attempts to reach the spy are unsuccessful.
  2. The POWs from the enemy army outside Myralanna are of one of two general types: potentially cooperative and low-ranking know-nothings; or somewhat less cooperative NCOs and junior officers who know little. It seems that Irovetti runs his army a lot like that Josef Stalin’s Red Army, which was made up of a vast quantity of cannon fodder, a cadre of yes-men, and maybe one guy here or there who actually knew something of value. In this instance, that guy disappeared over the battlefield in a puff of smoke and light.
  3. Tessara has the Mistborn Rangers out and aggressively on patrol within a week – information about their findings should start coming back within days, depending on where each patrol is.
  4. The Myralanna Regiment reaches Tatzylford, and separates into three reinforced companies. One each heads to Burmovton and Myralanna, leaving one in Tatzylford. This entire redeployment will take about 10 days.
  5. Further attempts to scry on Irovetti fail…all of them. And on the general, too, if he’s tried. They seem to have dropped off the map, or gone to ground or….who knows?


We need the last company to march to Misthaven. The Dragoons will remain in Tatzylford to recoop and to protect that town. This way they are half way to everywhere. The rest of the new recruits need to head out to Freeton to reinforce the Misthaven regiment.
1. How many more recruits can we round up? We would have put out a call to all our “potential” allies up north.
2. I still think teleporting into Pitax and wreaking havoc in his palace might stir things up a bit.
3. We might be able to “pull” one of those armies in front of Pitax into fighting us one-on-one. This way we might be able to take out his armies and keep ours alive.

Planning for Phase 2

I like the idea of popping in at the castle, blast a hole in it somewhere, dimension door somewhere else on the castle, another hole, somewhere else another hole, then bamf out of there. I’d like to do that a few times. Each time, is want a tank with me just in case.

Planning for Phase 2

Anton would happily volunteer…

Planning for Phase 2

Zion will pop into Pitax alone. Using the hat of disguise he takes on the form of the sell sword again. Here, he will scout the town himself. He tries to get a feeling of the populace, and finds where any if any of the army is stationed.
If there is an army in town, invisibly, he will infiltrate the camp looking for leadership. If he locates them, (protection from normal missiles, fly up 100’) and rain down firey death throughout the camp until 3rd level spells are depleted. Then pop back to Misthaven.
He takes care not to Target civilians.

Planning for Phase 2

Options… Scry for a place in the city, cast invisibility, then teleport. Quick and easy. Won’t raise any suspicion. Duck into an alley to remove invisibility then wander as sell sword. Get to know the city better for places to pop into.

Planning for Phase 2

Avery had taken the southern trade route many times before. The steady trail of disgruntled merchants greeting him over the past few days told him all he needed to know. Pitax was at war. It was modus operandi to suppress trade and the flow of information during conflict. He recalled the tactical manuals he once studied as a junior officer. As he would approach the boarder, he would be able to see the road block glint in the fading sun. Avery recalled the broken roads that could get him pass the barrier. He also counted on the cover of night. The combination made it risky but he had important business in the Mistmarches.

Take it slow.
Steady the horses.
Wait till dark.

Women had dulled his senses. Soft skin and painted lips had corrupted his nostrils. Curved shadows and wavy hair shot his eyesight. Perhaps they had gotten to his judgement too. Taydro stood on the hastily made perch some 20 ft up over the roadway. He recalled the cause of his lone station out near the southern boarder. The last soul he sighted was two days ago. He agreed to the post begrudgingly from the Queen. Her recent attention had kept him away from taverns, barding and his wanton ways. Without women or fight, boredom sunk in. Still, the allure of the druid sparked a challenge for Taydro. A few more of these recent assignments and perhaps he could find time for her, or any barmaid at this point.

The itch would have to wait. He could hear a set of horses chasing in the darkness. His ears could count five maybe more horses and a wagon. A perfect time to release his frustration, Taydro drew his bow along with several special arrows. Setting his aim, he waited as the quarry rode into view.

Avery slighted himself for not picking a slower pace. Somehow he knew that the Pitax patrols would be too lazy to be running the country side. The noise of his wagon and horses reached a pair of plods skipping rocks along the stream. It was quickly they raised alarm. Soon, his steads were drawing heavily as his breathe mimicked them in adrenaline and flight. Over the hill and into the forest line that was approaching far more slowly than the arrows being shot from behind. Then suddenly a glint in front of Avery’s face forced him to duck, fall and roll off into the thickets.

Taydro first thought he had missed. But luckily the arrow veered off to strike a trailing rider. Quite suddenly a flash of daylight struck the country side and illuminated the Pitaxian horsemen. Caught in confusion, Taydro easily shot off two more arrows to equal theatrics. The two remaining soldiers fled from their felled comrades over the safety of the hill. The wagon horses kept running but slowed their pace as they galloped by the tree the ranger squatted. He jumped down after harms way had passed. Taydro then approached the teamster.
“You can stop playing dead or be dead, at least you get a choice.” He grunted out to the body. Avery rolled over and slowly regained his footing. “I would thank you stranger for helping me with those dogs called men.” “Would thank me?” Taydro drew his bow down and quizzed. “Except that you almost killed me… ranger.” Avery blurted before recognizing the mistborn in the dark. He was busy brushing himself off to make shape of his protector. Taydro shot back, “Still can hero.” “Look,” Avery took countenance, “I have business in Misthaven and very important news for your kings. Pitax has closed down trade and left Mivon starving from the inside economically. I know war is at your door and my river kingdom contacts may be able to facilitate some agreement with your kingdom’s Aldori heritage.” Taydro withdrew his bow and stepped aside for Avery to pass.
“Would you help me fetch my wagon at least?” Avery asked.

Taydro guarded himself in assisting Avery. Although if what he said was true, this could be a boon to the war effort. At the same time, he would have somebody to share his exploits with until they got back to Misthaven. Memories could be just as good sometimes.

Planning for Phase 2

The information from Taydro will reach Tessara about a week after the attack on Myralanna. Taydro was patrolling in the SW Narlmarches, west of where the old Elven keep was found years ago. There are some trade routes – nothing maintained by the kingdom – in that area that some merchants use. The increased traffic in that area is due to Pitax’s actions regarding merchants, as stated in the above comment.

Planning for Phase 2

Pitax should burn! I agree with Zion’s Terrorist attacks, but I believe it is time. Pitax needs to burn! Fire it up, fire it up!

Planning for Phase 2

So, the River Kingdoms are caught in the cross fire then, and they do not support Pitax? We could take a couple of hours and bamf over there if Zion does not mind. If they need food, through Irori’s favor Pik can create quite a lot of food to feed them. What are they needing?

Planning for Phase 2

Where would Pik look for answers to those questions? From whom?

Planning for Phase 2

Well, he could start with Brett, but considering that Zion and Pik are both charismatic fellows, we could probably reach out to the local leadership as a diplomatic mission.

Planning for Phase 2

Zion is not a good diplomat, he is too aloof, or arrogant. He refuses to see the other side when dealing with matters of state. It is a good thing he threw in with a council, otherwise be would be turning into another irovetti. He is happy to pop into Pitax and lay waste.
So so reiterate, with the help of a day of scrying, locate a few places to teleport into. See if we can find any garrison buildings, a staging area for the army of Pitax if there is one located there. Locate leadership, not generals, but colonels and majors. Then on a nice clear day, fade into being invisibly, and 20 ft in the air then rain destruction down upon the army, garrisoned, troops, and mar the castle in horrific ways. Once 4th, and 3rd level spells (lighting bolt, fireball, ice storm) are used up, retreat back to Misthaven.

Planning for Phase 2

Saul stood on the darken corner waiting. The fog effect from the lake was already thick this time of night. The shadows wafted in with light making for a particular unsettling effect. Unsettling for anyone who did not know their place. Saul knew his and the streets of Misthaven were his at night. The small crime syndicate was growing, ambitious as he was, over the past several months. Using the influence of the Caretaker, profit was to be had serving all the needs of the people. Saul stood there, deftly twirling his dagger into an array of gem shapes.

“You are becoming something more young master,” the cold broke upon Saul’s shoulder. The trust he held in his own abilities deceived him as the Caretaker slowly stepped from behind, seemingly from nothing, to address him. “Saul, you have done a good many things with little guidance once the path has been made.” The voice was unnatural for Saul to hear. “Now I ask of you to submit to a much larger game. It is not easy that of which I will say. Nor will it be easy for you.” Although Saul felt fear in that moment, it was not of the Caretaker’s doing but his own self doubt. He remembered the last time this sense of wooziness took him, when the Caretaker first called him to leadership. He immediately knew, he would be stretched and challenged again, new ambition. “The Guild must infiltrate the city guard. I have suspicions militia will be called soon. The Guild needs access to all city points if we are to continue the plan.” That would not be too difficult for the unknown of the guild Saul thought to himself. “As for the plan, I must ask of you to start a rumor,” continued the Caretaker.

Grayson looked worried as he stared at his expanding warehouse. “Another load, where am I going to put this stuff,” retorted the merchant as he stroked his goatee in quiet thought. The building manifest included provisions, aid, utilitarian tools, and other general purpose items if one needed to travel somewhere fast. He was sure to keep his special wares separate as to not mix up packages. Still, his black market items could fetch a price whereas this stuff was mundane to say the least.
“Trust our partner has not said what they want with this yet?” Avery address Grayson, having just returned from the court.
“Its a frumping mess if I did not keep it organized. Aye, they have not said what the plan is. But the only way I am going to make a profit is if everyone in Misthaven had to suddenly leave,” the salty merchant pounced.
“Well, looks like I have been employed by the Kingdom, at least until I return from Mivon.” Avery addressed Grayson, as peers would. Although their partnership was an uneasy one, respect had grown between the two over their unusual transactions. “I trust the shipment was undamaged?”
“Yes, and I am surprised after the story you told. The mistborn never asked about the cargo?” Grayson inquired.
Avery smiled as he replied, “No, he was far too busy sharing his stories of every barmaid between here and Pitax. I did not know there was enough time in the world for such shenanigans”

Planning for Phase 2

Tessara awoke from her meditation. The dark dream that had taken her spelled significance in some way. It was a shadow of a thought, but the murmurings of the people had begun to plunge her into deeper meditations. Until the shadows could come into vivid focus.

Fire engulfed her as the many screams sped through the air. The sounds of battle distant yet constant. Ash blown into confusion. “Where was I. Do I recognize this place.” Yes, as a child she recalled. When her town was besieged by vandals and barbarians. The dead in the streets. She approached the lifeless forms. “These are not elves, they are human,” she deciphered. The faces of each contorted into a final dance of death, all hope lost. Through their blood soaked emblems bore two signs: Pitax and Mistmarches. “This is not a memory,” Tessara said, “this is a vision.” Again the ash swirled her eyesight to reveal through the chaos and smoke an echo to her fear. Misthaven was burning in exodus. The faces of the people rushing past telling her the same as the whispers of the Kingdom, “We must leave Misthaven before it falls.”

Why. Are we not safe? What is this secret that Pitax holds?

Should she believe in rumors, she would tell her fellow Kings. We must seek allies. We will march on Pitax two fold. We must evacuate Misthaven.

Planning for Phase 2

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