Pathfinder Kingmaker

Putting plans into action

the short and the long-term

Over a period of days initial contracts were signed with local mages, carpenters, and blacksmiths. A reasonable number of light posts could be completed within a fortnight and installed. Akiros decided that the project would be kept secret and that the posts would be deployed all at once, on the same day, hopefully bringing light to those poorer neighborhoods on the corona of the slums on the same evening.

Akiros also wanted to be ready for a big move into those slums on that very night. He turned to Tessara, still the Lead Ranger of the realm, and arranged to have some ranger patrols diverted to Misthaven to provide additional manpower, and prepared to call up some of his own constabulary reserves to back-fill patrol positions elsewhere in the city. He wanted his top officers on the job for what he had dubbed “the push.”

There needed to be a balance between broadcasting an air of ‘business as usual’ and preparing behind the scenes for the push. In particular, Akiros needed information about gang leaders, safehouses, storage facilities – he needed to know where to hit on that night.

Tessara promised the support of the rangers, and agreed to dig around as much as she could to find more information about the Caretaker and through him/her/it possibly find the other information Akiros needed.

And the kings…what would they do during this time? What would be done with the assassin? Zion wants to deputize him; Reg wants to beat him; and Anton wants to give him to Pik on a platter. You only have one assassin, and therefore you must choose.


The assassin is up to Pik.
I believe he would be a useful tool, however, I believe his fate should be that of the one he attempted to remove.

Putting plans into action

Pik explains that he has a plan for the assassin.

Pik has begun work migrating the clinic, and has already begun to see positive results. The community has responded extremely well, and the clergy have been able to provide a much needed outlet to not only physical, but are beginning to see they can fill the spiritual hole as well. With this Clinic moved, Pik reaches out to the city’s community leaders and business owners (at least the ones who are receptive to seeing him) and ask them for their help in getting involved in making Misthaven a better place. He solicits their feedback and asks if they would be willing to help put things into action.

Putting plans into action

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