Pathfinder Kingmaker

Silverstep under seige

Armies to the north and south

Cyrus Vary crushed the last Sending Stone and read from the note sitting on the desk in front of him.

“Silverstep besieged. Forces in balance; appears a holding action; we are unable to break out or attack. Zion recovering slowly; will update tomorrow after probes.”

Yes, Zion was recovering, with the emphasis on slowly. Whatever poison were in those enchanted vines had laid him low, weak and somewhat addled in the head – dizzy and easily confused. Indeed, the attackers had arrayed themselves along the major roads around the town, preventing escape or easy reinforcement. The defenders could hold, but the attackers held them in check. It was clear to both sides that Silverstep and its garrison – what there was of it – would be stuck for the moment, along with the barbarian forces.

What else the invaders had in mind, no one could tell.



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