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Summer, 4713

so much done, so much more to do

It is July of 4713 and the Kingdom of the Mistmarches is buzzing with activity. Since the defeat of Baron Drelev and Tiger Lord barbarians in the west at the end of the previous year, the kings have been hard at work incorporating the newly-won lands into the society & economy of the realm. The lands to the west of the Tayzylford and Burmovton, both the former western limits of the realm, near the eastern shore of Lake Hooktongue, had been added. Additionally, the southern and northern shores of the lake, and the lands immediately around them had been added as well, creating something of a ‘doughnut’ of land, with the lake in the middle, added to the realm.

Existing farms and logging lands had been brought into the fold, along with the town of Freeton – formerly Ft. Drelev – itself. The road into the town had been improved, and a road within the realm had been extended from Burmovton to the west, removing the need to use the Southern Rostland Road for fast east-west travel on the northern end of the kingdom. Another road had been cut through the western Narlmarches and around the southern shore of Lake Hooktongue, connecting Freeton directly with the heart of the Mistmarches, albeit through rough terrain.

In total, the kingdom had increased in size by about 1/3, added an existing city, completed the construction of the wall around Freeton, and accomplished the above-described work by early July.

During this same time, other kingdom resources were put to use in planning for, calling into service, training and equipping a military worthy of what seemed like the challenge from Pitax. The Army of the Tuskwater consisted, by early July, of the following units:

  • Misthaven Regiment – heavy infantry, consisting of volunteers from the south and eastern portions of the realm
  • Myralanna Regiment – heavy infantry, consisting of volunteers from the Narlmarches and heavily-populated agrarian north
  • Tuskwater Dragoons – a cavalry troop led by Anton’s squire
  • (Insert name of arcane caster company here), made up of combat-oriented spell casters
  • (Insert name of divine healer company here), made up of a variety of trained healers, both divine and mundane

These forces were in addition to existing urban constabularies and the Mistborn Rangers, and came at significant cost to the kingdom. By the beginning of July, however, they were all ready for battle.


Zion is between 30-31. I just put 30 for ease of numbers.

Summer, 4713

Spellgardes for divine. Dower Riech for the spell blasters.

Summer, 4713


Summer, 4713

We can unit names for those under different commands?

For the commanders of the Divine, they will be referred to as the Hand or Hands plural in honor of Irori so decrees Pik;-)

I think the Spies should be called the Mists of the Mistmarches.

Summer, 4713

Why bother naming the spies? They’re supposed to be secret. Unless, of course, you plan on using their successes to promote your own political future….wait, no good leader would do that.

Summer, 4713

Zion cares very little for special titles for a group until it proves itself. So the spell casting company will be “company arcane” until it earns a name.

Summer, 4713

Spellweavers. Zion has a point.

Summer, 4713

Pik can assist with the scrying etc. Would it be possible to make a sending stone set for this purpose? I show that it takes 5000 gp and craft wondrous item feat. I can offer the sending spell.

Summer, 4713

You can buy them from the brothers in the caster’s tower in Misthaven at whatever price they’re listed in the book.

Summer, 4713

Sending stones are Eberron items. They aren’t standard magic items. I did find a reference to them if you’re ok with allowing them…

Summer, 4713

Thanks. 700GP per pair it is.

Summer, 4713

We are going to need to divy up the “treasure” a rough estimation of purchase power we have is 48600 gp. Depending on what else we pull out of the pile. Does anyone want to take anything else of what has been gotten?
Bring to the table what everyone may have purchased of their share. I’m going to be spending 1000 gp on a mirror so I can use scry, and I’ll also pick up a set of sending stones.

Summer, 4713

You find a great HD scrying mirror on sale at the new MistMart in Misthaven (you guys recently allowed the rezoning of some open space to allow for one). For 400GP more you can get surround sound…I mean, if you really want Zion to have a legit man-cave, you need surround sound.

Summer, 4713

Skip the three year extra insurance. Its a scam.

Summer, 4713

I was walking in the magical swapmeet the other day. Found this for sir Anton.
Not bad for 26500. We may be able to up grade it to +3 for an additional 8k.

Summer, 4713

The proposition had been clear. It was not extortion but felt the same none the less. Still there was an upside to having a silent partner. Grayson rubbed his chin, as he thought upon the prospect. “Now how do you go abouts clearing these legal matters up?” The hooded figure before him hushed, “No questions remember.” Now scratching at his chin, the merchant calculated a bit more. The legal matters he worried about were a pair of city officials. They took it upon themselves to treat Grayson special once they figured out his store front sold more than mere trade goods. Fencing was a profitable business but the new “taxes” levied on his business cut to the bottom line. This stranger knew as much but offered to remove his legal dilemma in exchange for even more “business”. This seemed too good.

“I just need you to keep account for what transpires for our operation,” the hood voiced without movement. Grayson felt uneasy about the deal but his palms itched for gold. “I understand our agreement,” he gathered his wits, “Just do not leave me dry when the tides roll out.” He took the list from the stranger and offered a drink to their contract. “I rather think you have business to be attending to now,” the hood declined. Then almost motionlessly, left through the shopkeepers door. Grayson suggested to himself, “Well if I am going to do all the work, I might as well drink.”


The road had been rough coming out of Freeton despite being fairly new. Avery blamed the rocky substrate found in this region. He let a silent curse go as he atempted to fix the wagon wheel. “Next time I will higher Sellswords that know how to fix a wheel!” He shouted to the rear of the caravan. He expected a snide remark but was met with the dull breeze. “Odd,” he puzzled. Letting instinct take over, Avery quickly rose and drew his blade.

Four years of forced labor and military service told him he had the upper hand. The silhouette before him hid curves and a smile. Life on the streets told him she was not alone. The body slowly un-twined into female human shape. Twenty five years as a man told him this was “some” woman. Trying to keep eye contact, Avery pointed towards her and demanded, “What did you do to my gaurds? You have any idea how hard it is to find good service.” The fey creature moved closer to Avery’s weapon. “Asleep I say so they lay. I love funny men, short too. I have different plans for you,” the female riddled. Entranced by her beauty, the fey slid closer to his blade to touch the hilt. Forgetting his training, “umm… what type of plans?” “Business I am afraid to say,” she sorrowfully sung. Avery deflated.

“Okay,” he sheathed his sword, “I care more about business than pleasure at the moment… at least now.” “I only mean to disarm not alarm,” the fey whispered, “and let me not entice before my advice.” The purpose met, she returned the leaves to a less revealing pattern. “I know of somebody who would have you help and in return keep you well.” Second party transactions were far from ideal. “Well darling, tell me more about ‘help’ and ‘well’.”

“Safe passage and license to sell, contraband from a far away land, what you know and what you will tell, guided by the unseen hand.”

Cautioned by her knowledge of his cargo, yet suave, leaning against his wagon, arms folded Avery piped, “Well sugar lips, I speak money not rhyme.” Seemingly out of nowhere, a bag of gold fell flat before him. “Huh. Well sweety this buys you time.” Avery slapped his head. “Smooth.”


The shaggy dog sat at the door. Head resting on paws, it never moved. The only idea it was alive was the dull stare that followed as people went by. Saul was late to the meeting place. Racing through the alley and ducking into the doorway, he looked to see if anybody had followed. “Nobody watching,” tinkered his thoughts. Sighing a deep breath he turned into the room. Shaggy watched.

The immediate scene, dimly lit, stood in stark contrast to all that was living. The crimson smell leaked into his senses perforated by ghoulish gore smeared on the walls and across the floor. He recognized a ring on a severed hand, the same dagger used to kill it’s master, and the bearded head of what used to be one of his three leaders. This was a death trap. His muscles said run, but his mind was stuck.

“You are a good boy,” bellowed behind him. For fear to look, Saul fell to the floor and began to cry. This was his end, could there be no other way. “Witness, the new law, death for death.” The voice continued. Saul turned his head only slightly, “are… you going to kill me too?” The large presence blocked the doorway, his only chance of escape. “You are a good boy,” the shape continued. “And you have not hurt anyone as these men have. So you will begin a new day today.”

“Listen. Thieves like you may deserve only what you take. But take a life and you shall deserve none. I will make sure you and all are taken care of no matter what by what you choose this day. I will now lead you and shelter your kin. Though you may lie, steal, cheat and act immoral, your plight will not be to suffer forever. And remember. There will be no killing allowed in the guild, young master. I am the Caretaker, go tell them”

The speech stopped. Saul reached his hand backwards to discover the empty doorway. Lifting himself, he peered after the Caretaker, looking into the alley. Nothing but the dark mists of night. Looking down at the saggy dog he remarked, “Some guard dog you made.” The dog’s ears tilted enough to insult.

The Caretaker’s voice now rang true in Saul’s skull.
“The new law, death for death. There will be no killing allowed in the guild.”
“Young master!”

Summer, 4713


Summer, 4713

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