Pathfinder Kingmaker

The Spymaster

Kincaid, undercover and out of town

Kincaid explained to Anton and Zion that he had to leave this night. The information, starting as rumors and now given more weight by observations by some a team of Mistborn Rangers, was too much to ignore any longer, or pass off to someone of lower rank.

“I think there’s something to this, and I need to check it out myself,” the Spymaster said quietly. “I’ll head into Narlmarches with some of Sly’s men, and see what I can find to the west, and then we’ll break south and make a loop. If there’s some kind of keep or stronghold deep in the forest – from what I’ve heard it looks like at the western edge of our charter area – then we need to know about it. And if the lizard folk we know are to the south and west are gathering in greater numbers, we need to know why, and how many.”

Anton and Zion listened and absorbed Kincaid’s words. “Agreed,” nodded Anton as he looked at Zion. “We can handle the agitator, and we look forward to your swift return.”

Kincaid said a quick goodbye and good luck to his fellow Kings, and made for the stable. It was already after nightfall, and in plain traveler’s clothes he hoped to slip out of Tuskwater Keep unnoticed. A squad of Rangers waited on him northwest of town, ready to press on into the dense forest that very night.


The look exchanged between Zion and Anton was one of scepticism. After the ranger departs, Anton says to Zion, “He’s probably gonna meet a girl for a roll in the hay.” “Besides, he’s reached his limit for days within the city. Have you seen that tree he likes, the one with a knothole about so high…?”

The Spymaster

If I had my way, I would avoid trees for the rest of my life, let alone knotholes at certain heights. And what he does in the forest is none of my concern so long as it does not detract from our kingdom. (Meta… Trying to be the sullen spell faster. Not an ass hole, although the two may be difficult to tell the difference.)

The Spymaster

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