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A Month of Work

do not mistake activity for progress

This is a summary of plans put into action over the weeks following the attempt on Pik’s life and Tessara being called on the carpet by the other kings.

Light is being brought to the neighborhoods that skirt the slums near the old waterfront (that is, the first set of docks built). Progress is slow, due to the unique nature of the work, the fact that it requires coordination between disparate groups not used to work with one another, and the matter of red tape related to existing zoning ordnances, some of which needed to be changed. The bureaucracy of Misthaven isn’t that big – and that’s part of the problem, as there aren’t enough pencil-pushers, accountants, survey crews, and other public works folks to get the job(s) done in a timely manner. That said, the first posts are up and the process is being ironed out. The entire project should be done in about two months.

A few groups of Mistborn Rangers have been quietly brought into town to help support the local constabulary as Sir Akiros shifts manpower and resources to prepare for the big push into the slums, which he says he’ll be able to conduct in about a month.

Pik and Boldrick “The Boulder” Ballbearing spent about a week working on the assassin, trying to get him to see the light, change his evil ways, and overall embrace niceness. The guy, however, turned out to be a jerk, refusing offers, not taking the men seriously, and being abrasive and rude at every turn. He demonstrated a noteworthy tolerance for beatings and other forms of coercion, including sleep depravation, high and low temperatures, and bad food. Basically, the guy’s a tough, stubborn jerk who really doesn’t care what happens to him, having long since resigned himself to being executed for attempted regicide. Do with him as you will.

As for gathering intel on the criminal underworld of Misthaven and the kingdom at large, you’ve turned first to digging through existing records and sources in order to see if anything’s been missed. The lack of a Spymaster has really hampered your ability to conduct this sort of internal intelligence-gathering, and it’s entirely possible that different cities’ constabularies have information that could help…but you’ve no idea if they do since no one is running the show. Essentially, law enforcement in the kingdom above the local level is a disjointed hodge-podge, much like an incomplete symphony with no conductor or sheet music. Expanding spy operations within the city or kingdom will depend on what local law enforcement can muster, meaning that such operations are going to be as uneven as are your different cities’ constabularies.

What are the kings up to during all of this?


General question. How long been since the war with Pitax ended? Has Kincaid recovered at all, or is he still a vegetable?

A Month of Work

It’s been about 8 or 9 months since the war ended. The war took place in the summer and early fall of the preceding year, and you guys are now in early spring. To be honest, I lost track of what had been a pretty close eye on the in-game calendar, so I’m going to call it mid-April after a harsh, long winter. Thus, the work on the lamps and such started in early April.

As for Kincaid, he’s red leaf lettuce.

A Month of Work

I’m sure Pik has the lantern making well in hand. Clerics do have access to ‘continual flame’. We can conscript the Erastil cleric we helped set up his church, and found the thing all those years ago without so much as a healing spell… He still owes us.
Zion would be spending time looking through the docks area in various disguises using his ‘hat of disguise’, invisibility spell, and quick dimension door hops. (Lots and lots of perception checks).
***disguises*** beggar, vender of cheap chochkies (teleport somewhere to an open air market, buy these things for 10gp then sell them to break even), sell sword, city guard, moderately wealthy looking merchant out of a stroll just begging to be pick pocketed. (In the bag of coin, have some unique ‘thing’ to be able to hone in on using scry)

A Month of Work

Jhod is not in the city. He stays at the temple in the forest most of the time, and only makes his way to Misthaven when there are full council meetings (since he’s on the Lower Council), special holidays or ceremonies, or other unique circumstances. Don’t view everyone you ever interacted with as being in your debt and somehow answerable to your whims at all times and under all circumstances. Folks have their own work and agendas, and unless you want to run the place like it’s North Korea and create your own opera like Kim Jong Il, you’re going to have to accept that not everyone and every resource sits silently, awaiting orders from the kings to breathe.

I’ll work on the sorts of things Zion learns while in disguise and will add them as secrets for you on this post.

A Month of Work

I’m not considering Jhod as an on call minion, I would think he would be the Tiniest amount grateful that we found his temple, cleared it of dangers, then later opened the coffers of the kingdom to help rebuild it. As it is, Zion is not a fan of Erastil, but hasn’t spoken out against the church in public. You’d think Jhod would be happy to help keep the kingdom stabilized that has given him so much.

A Month of Work

That was years in the past. Zion can keep running on yesteryear’s good will today. “What have you done for me lately?” is the currency of favors.

Honestly, that was six or seven years in the past. The temple is about 40 miles outside of the city, and considering the very tight timeline, the unique nature and scale of the project, and different groups of casters, craftsmen, and government officials involved, it’d be a huge disruption to the ongoing and important operations at the temple.

And Reg, a quiet and very serious member of the Reformed Church of Erastil, chafes mightily at the idea of disrupting Brother Jhod’s good work for the realm, lands, and people.

A Month of Work

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