Pathfinder Kingmaker

You've been a good lad

I will say nice things about you

Anton looked toward the door as it opened, admitting the five soldiers into the lord-mayor’s large office. The kings had moved into the office to hold meetings, since it held a large table and enough space to move around and consider the maps they were studying.

Captain Kesespton entered and behind him came five junior troops: two dwarves, a gnome, a human female, and a half-elf. Each wore rank insignia denoting them as volunteer auxiliaries to the Mistborn Rangers. The half-elf also wore brevet corporal stripes; and the women a holy symbol of Irori. They lined up, pressed closely together in the now-crowded room, and stood at attention.

“This is the scouting party, m’lord. They were the ones who first saw the attackers, alerted the town, and also took the initiative in ambushing the enemy’s own scouts, taking one prisoner. They were critical in enabling us to lock down the city to the extent that we could,” stated the captain, looking back and forth between the soldiers and the kings.

“And Corporal Rahway here launched the signal arrow, then went back to assist his team,” he continued as he motioned toward the half-elf, who stood a little straighter when mentioned.

Anton stepped forward and looked them each up and down, while Pik winked at the gnome and smiled. Zion raised an eyebrow as he gazed somewhat imperiously (as was his norm) at the soldiers.

“Well done. The Mistmarches depend on soldiers like you,” the warrior-king stated as he held up a small pile of papers. “Dispatches like these go out to all units, commands, and cities each day. In them the most important news and plans are shared. Your names will be read around the realm today so that others will know what you did.” He shook each hand as he passed down the line. A few minutes of shallow chatting followed between the troops and kings. Soon after, the men were dismissed.

“They did good work,” stated Zion as the door shut behind them.

“Indeed. And we’ll need to live up to that standard if we’re to resolve this mess we’re in,” added Anton as Pik rubbed his hands together and nodded.


We’ll see how it goes, but we should ensure they know we appreciate what they have done, but not get stupid with overwhelming them with appreciation.

You've been a good lad

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