Markway d'Deridon Illios

Man of letters; scholar of the esoteric


A recent emigrant to Misthaven, Professor d’Deridon is a teacher of language and history at the newly-constructed academy. He is the picture of the scholar: slight, rumpled, bookish, and sometimes difficult to understand when he gets to using those 10 and 20 GP words.

He also does double-duty as the school’s deputy president and manager, and plans to move into that position full-time once it expands to support more faculty and students.

His given name is Markway, his family name is d’Deridon – with the d’ denoting the minor nobility, and the ‘Illios’ post-name denotes his lifetime status as a graduate of the Illian Institute of Scholarship in Absalom, one of the premier universities in all the Inner Sea region.

Markway d'Deridon Illios

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