Tomax and Xamot

Twin arcane casters; owners of Casters' Tower in Misthaven


One is a sorcerer/wizard, while the other is a wizard/sorcerer. No one can tell which is which. They mostly speak in short, clipped sentences. One of them speaks quickly; the other somewhat more slowly. Both have a habit of finishing one another’s sentences. Rumors about the secret innards of their tower & attached house are already part of local lore, to include magical traps, hidden rooms, and a vast laboratory of arcane and alchemical experiments and materials. They are never seen apart.

Their work is excellent. They are timely, detail-oriented, and very particular about the wording of any contracts they sign. They do not do work on credit, nor layaway. They prefer payment by gold, but will negotiate over items and materials for trade.


Tomax and Xamot

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