Pathfinder Kingmaker

The First Three Months
November 4706-January 4707

Month 1: November

During the month of November, beginning mere weeks after the destruction of the Stag Lord, the Kingdom of the Mistmarches was formally settled, the High Council named, and a few members of the Lower Council were appointed, as well. The former site of the Stag Lord’s fort was named Misthaven, capitol city of the realm, with Tuskwater Keep at its heart – a castle to be built over the ruins of the old keep. A road was ordered constructed in the vicinity of the city, reaching initially northward, with the goal in mind of linking Oleg’s and Misthaven as quickly as possible. Lacking some leadership positions created some initial challenges for the government, but the creativity and drive of the HC (High Council) helped spur activity, nonetheless. Although the castle would take months to complete, it would be habitable shortly, due to the pre-existing structures. The road, built on the foundation of an older road, would be done much sooner.

Mistmarches, based on your alignments and behavior to date, is both lawful and neutral. This results in a boost to your economy (the law), and boost to innate stability.

Starting totals: Loyalty: 6, Economy: 0, Stability: 15, Unrest: 0, BP: 50, Consumption: 0

  1. Roll 24 for Stability, success = -1 unrest = +1 BP
  2. Consumption = 0
  3. Vacant magic: na
  4. Unrest: na


  1. Leadership selected; Akiros appointed as Warden
  2. Claim hex 54, SL’s former fort; cost=1BP;
  3. Establish Tuskwater Keep at Misthaven (+1 consumption for city), 1BP to prepare site; build castle (at half price due to pre-existing fort structures): 27 BP
  4. Build road in hex 54 = 1BP
  5. No farmlands settled yet
  6. Issue ‘no taxes for now’ edict=+1 Loyalty


  1. No deposits, no withdrawals, no sale of items, failed Econ check (1)


  1. Political calm = -6 unrest

Final Stats
Loyalty: 6, Economy: 0, Stability: 15, Unrest: 0, BP: 21, Consumption: 2

Month 2: December

December sees continued construction on the castle, the road stretching northward, and the settlement of farmland to help offset population growth and to generate income.

Starting Totals: Loyalty: 6, Economy: 0, Stability: 15, Unrest: 1, BP: 21, Consumption: 2

  1. Roll 23 for Stability, success = -1 unrest = +1 BP
  2. Consumption = 2
  3. Vacant magic: na
  4. Unrest: na


  1. Leadership maintained; Oleg pressed into service as Treasurer on Lower Council=+2 Econ
  2. Claim hex 45, north of Misthaven; cost=1BP;
  3. Build 2 blocks of houses in Misthaven, 6BP total, -2 unrest
  4. Build road in hex 45 = 1BP
  5. Hex 45 established as farmland, 4 BP; consumption reduced by 2
  6. Issue ‘low taxes’ edict=-1 Loyalty, +1 Econ


  1. No deposits, no withdrawals, no sale of items, failed Econ check (14)


  1. No event this month.

Final Stats
Loyalty: 5, Economy: 3, Stability: 15, Unrest: 0, BP: 8, Consumption: 1

Month 3: January

January sees the further settlement of farmland to the north, road construction, and the completion of the initial phase of Tuskwater Keep – it’s not habitable, although construction will continue for some time. Houses have been completed in Misthaven, and workers are now settling in. The kingdom is stable, the people are happy, and the treasury is pretty bare – better invest some money into those BPs in order to build some more things over time. Regardless, the Lower Council is now only missing the Marshal and Magister.

Starting Totals: Loyalty: 5, Economy: 3, Stability: 15, Unrest: 0, BP: 8, Consumption: 1

  1. Roll 19 for Stability, failure (22 DC for kingdom size) = no change in unrest
  2. Consumption = 1
  3. Vacant magic: na
  4. Unrest: na


  1. Leadership maintained; Oleg suggests Svetlana for Councilor – is it nepotism or a good idea? You go with it, and the kingdom’s loyalty goes up by 2.
  2. Claim hex 38, location of fangberry thicket; cost=1BP;
  3. Nothing added to city (castle construction continuing)
  4. Build road in hex 38 = 1BP
  5. Hex 38 established as farmland, 4 BP; consumption reduced by 2
  6. Continue ‘low taxes’ edict=-1 Loyalty, +1 Econ


  1. No deposits, no withdrawals, no sale of items, failed Econ check (15)


  1. No event this month.

Final Stats
Loyalty: 6, Economy: 4, Stability: 15, Unrest: 0, BP: 3, Consumption: -1 (adds to BP at income phase)

The Building of a Kingdom
We need public works projects to get our people working!

Progress! Here’s what’s going to happen, once you folks decide on a direction — Thom did a fine job of laying out a direction for growth, by hex number, and the order in which he thinks it should take place (see this page for a reminder).

The kingdom rules are set up such that you can and must do a few things each month. Right now you can only grow one hex per month. You can build roads in the hexes you annex – in fact, you can do that in the same month that you annex them. It’s an incremental process, but one that we need to go through so as to be able to track how much you’re spending, and how your projects and leadership choices impact the economic, political, and social growth & stability of the kingdom. Go back and read over the rules on this page in the wiki.

Since we’re not going to meet again to play until 16 OCT, do you want to do some of this most basic stuff – that is, direction of expansion and basic infrastructure construction – via this site? Sure, we’d need to go back and spend some face-time talking out how you’re going to arrange the core of your first city, and your keep, but that’d be easy in person. Deciding on a 1-year arc of expansion and basic building shouldn’t be a problem here, using the map. I can make the rolls on your behalf and report on the results.

We could also just stick to ideas & story stuff here, then hammer out the mechanical details when we get together again. It’s your call.

Is This Correct?
I mean, all this stuff I've got here?

I’ve been reading over the many posts and comments since our last session and combining all that information with what I’ve also received via email. Below are what seem to me to be results of key decisions. Please respond and let us know if this is what you think you/we have come up with. I numbered them for convenient reference.

  1. Kingdom Name: (The Kingdom of the) Mistmarches – is it just the last word, or the whole thing?
  2. Capitol/First City: Built on the site of the Stag Lord’s Former Fort – and I suppose it needs a name, eventually.
  3. The High Council will consist of the ruler (Zion), general (Anton), spymaster (Kincaid), Pik, and Reg. The last two need jobs.
  4. The Lower Council will consist of the treasurer, magister, and the balance of the other positions left after Reg and Pik get jobs.
  5. The government is based around you five as characters, not five top positions. Anton has suggested a basis for law, which is posted on the wiki.
The Leadership Takes Form

I’m starting a new post to go off the discussion to date on the other, summarizing what it seems you folks have decided on, in order to focus the comments on this post on those things that still need to be decided.

Type of Government: Polyarchy, with fundamental powers vested in a ruling council (specific name of which to be determined). Council will consist of five members, each filling on of the 11 leadership positions. Currently, only the General (or whatever you choose to call it) and the Ruler (again, subject to renaming) are officially positions on the council.

Positions Filled: It seems that Anton will be the General, and that Zion will be the Ruler (voice of the council, herald, whatever).

Capitol City: There seems to be support from two members of the party for locating the first city on and around the site of the former Stag Lord’s fort. Based on the kingdom management rules, it would then make sense for you to expand northward, incorporating the advance camp, then Oleg’s, into the official territory. This will take you several months, using the system in the second book, but by the end of the year you could have territory that runs roughly N-S, with a bulge in the middle, making it something of an elongated diamond in shape. Remember that the system counts hexes, and those will be the official kingdom, but the story side of things will consider the outlying farms and other areas you’ve explored as parts of the greater whole.

Leadership Issues to be Settled: If the ruling council consists of 5 members, is it the four of you plus Reg, regardless of the positions you choose to hold, or does it consist of 5 specific positions, and you guys happen to fill them? I like the idea of a lower council, consisting of the other positions (and any others you’d like to create) – that make sense on a story side. If I may make a suggestion, I’d have the ruling/high council consist of 5 positions, which are also the ones that you happen to fill. I’d say…ruler, general, grand diplomat, warden, and spymaster. Pik would make a good diplomat, with his CHA and the fact that gnomes are just too adorable to resist. Reg would make a good warden, keeping crime down and training city guards. Kincaid would be excellent as spymaster, and the flexibility of that position, and how it contributes to the kingdom, would be helpful. That leaves Jhod as high priest, Torvald (if convinced) as marshal, Oleg as treasurer, and possibly Svetlana as councilor. Of course, Pik would make a great councilor, too – that position seems, to me, to be something of an internal diplomat. Remember that you guys also have Akiros potentially at your disposal: he’s completely loyal, and eager to right the wrongs of his past. He might make a good warden. In that case, maybe you demote warden off the high council, and make Reg…royal assassin? I don’t know.

What kind of government?
...and several other questions...

I’ll leave this post for you folks to use through comments to discuss what type of government you want to create, and how you’d like to start filling the leadership positions. I also created another wiki page with information about the kingdom management rules.

Accounting We Will Go...
...collecting stuff and reaping rewards...

I have created a new page describing the fort and listing everything that you found there. There are some things I forgot to mention last night, and they are included on that page.

I have also moved the original charter to a new page, and replaced it on the homepage with the new one you received from the Sword Lords. You can find that page through the wiki, or here. We can use that page as a place to start bringing together your ideas about the formation of your government, and all the logistical, political, and legal issues that will come with that.

Anyway, to summarize, you preserved the SL’s corpse so that you could show it off. North of the fangberry patch you ran into some trappers you’d already met, showed them the body and told them the great tale, and they took off northward to spread the word. It seems that the locals are getting used to you guys slaughtering bad guys, then having a big tailgate party at Oleg’s, so it’s something they’re eager to make happen. When you make it back to the advance base (which needs a name, really), Reg, Breen, and Torvald are there to greet you, and with news that the word is spreading quickly. By the time you arrive at Oleg’s, over a week after you leave the SL’s fort (under the watchful eye of some trappers you ran into), quite a crowd is gathering. Representatives from each of the farming communities to the west of Oleg’s are there. Several trappers have arrived. A kobold emissary is even there, having been dispatched by the chief upon hearing the news. You set up the body in a cart under the ‘Bandits’ Graveyard’ sign and let people come by and spit on it. Pik regales the crowd, over and over ad nauseum, about what happened, how you found the fort, learned its secrets (the list of which seems to grow with each telling), cleverly gained access, then smote the baddies with heavenly forth, even defeating a giant, rabid owlbear pet of the Stag Lord himself. The righteous fury with which you stormed the fort even moved the Stag Lord’s top lieutenant, Akiros Ismort, to switch sides, then thurrender completely, then swear complete fealty to the charter holders.

A copy of the charter itself is nailed to the Stag Lord’s chest, as the team is congratulated, thanked, and held in increasing respect by the large crowd. The festivities last for a day or two, with necessity bringing the event to a close – people need to get home to deal with winter.

The corpse is delivered back to the river, where the ghost of Davik Nettles receives it, offering up its +1 ranseur in thanks, and then departing this plane forever.

Winter arrives. Now what?

ps: whatever did you do with Scrunk, tied to the tree?

Speak English or Die!
...or, please tell us everything you know about our adversary

Based on the discussion and feedback you folks provided, here’s what happens:

You question Scrunk Tomlinz, in an intimidating manner, with Anton taking the lead and the others either staring hard at him or looking stone-faced. Clearly, some of you are hostile…others, who knows? Pik plays the role of potential nice guy, but stays back while Anton tells him how it is: they’re going to question him, he’d better tell the truth, and then they’re going to do it again, with magic to make sure he’s being honest. Answers that match up are good; answers that do not will earn him demerits, which he’ll have to cash in at the gift shop when they’re finished. The gift shop offers things like broken teeth and fingers, a wrenched shoulder, dislocated knees, maybe a gouged-out eye, and even (for 50 scrip!) a hanging with a nice, loose rope (so it lasts). Those are the rules. And the questioning begins.

Round 1

  1. Do they have any spell casters? No.
  2. Does anyone have any attacking pets? No.
  3. Has he taken his own prisoners in the form of the trappers? No – they’re dead.
  4. Is there another way into the fort? I don’t know.
  5. How many “guards” are typically on duty? It depends – a few.
  6. Other than hand-held range weapons (bow, sling, etc.), does the fort have any other ranged weapons? No.
  7. What sort of traps do they have for any who would do a frontal assault? None.
  8. How much and what does the Stag Lord know about us? He knows you’re out here, somewhere, but isn’t too worried – he’s a tough guy. Never seen him lose a fight, even against several men.

Round 2 (with spells)

  1. Correct!
  2. Correct!
  3. Correct!
  4. Bullshit!
  5. Correct!
  6. Correct!
  7. Bullshit!
  8. Correct!

And then the spell runs out, after asking him the questions over again, and having him stall just a little during that round. A kick or two to the side doesn’t help much, since he had to gather himself and get his wind back after being whooped. You get the sense that he’s holding back information, but maybe not lying – he’s feigning ignorance when he has more to say. You also get the sense that the Stag Lord is a very fearsome character, who keeps his men in line through intimidation, brutality, and a few key lieutenants who share his vision of things. Scrunk is also very serious when saying that the Stag Lord is an unrepentant lush, and is almost always drunk or hungover – and he’s an angry drunk, too. As for information about wintering, Scrunk knows little, since he only joined the ‘company’ this last spring.

So what now?

Target in Sight

Going off rumors heard and news of the missing team of trappers, the team headed south once again. After some more exploration, the team discovered a trapped Brush Thycaline, which Pik was able to communicate with. They decided to free the animal – Urgh’Targh – and traded food for information and the likelihood of good future relations. The animal, leader of its pack, was happy to give what information it had about the area, including two places it and its kind avoid.

Since avoided areas typically mean ‘trouble here!’ the team, of course, headed directly for one of them, a low swampy area west of the Temple of Erastil. There they discovered a pair of ruined buildings inhabited by ‘King’ Garuum, wayward Boggard, and his trusty steed, a sizable purple slurk. Seemingly interested only in being recognized as sovereign of his patch of stinking mud, and in being left alone, Garuum was happy to accept tribute from the team, and allowed them to go about their business without swearing the traditional oath of complete fealty to him and his reign.

South of Garuum’s realm the team found the tatzylwyrm lair they’d heard mentioned at Oleg’s, and proceeded to destroy the happy home of the kindly demi-dragons, killing both of them, smashing their nest, stealing their dead adventurer, and making super omelets with their eggs.

After returning to the advance camp, and checking in on a very productive Jhod on the way, the team re-provisioned, sent the field-dressed tatzylwyrm parts north to Oleg’s, and learned some more information from various trappers, by way of Torvald. Led by Torvald south, they found the campsite of the three missing trappers, and were able, based on evidence left there and Kincaid’s keen eye, determine that the men had been attacked by a group of five or six, coming from the east, and that it was highly likely that they were killed and their bodies tossed in the Skunk River.

Following the river east, and out of the Narlmarches, the team discovered, at very long last, the Stag Lord’s fort, strategically placed atop a large man-made hill, surrounded by a 15-foot palisade, and seemingly only accessible by way of a long (200+ foot) earthen ramp that runs directly south to the fort’s front gate.

Utilizing their masterful skills at stealth and riding, the team made its way closer to the fort and found a good hide site, from where they could observe the fort. The next morning, upon observing a party of riders depart from the fort, the team broke camp and shadowed them, until they were able to catch and engage the bandits, attacking by surprise from behind.

A few moments and four dead bandits later, the team had one captive, whose miserable state made him highly susceptible to suggestion and interrogation. So what do you want to know, team?

Rumors in the Air
Like a thief in the night, taking more than their share, taking more than their right...

Within a few days of arriving at the advance camp and settling in, the team establishes a regular set of patrols in the area. Kincaid, using his extensive knowledge of all things related to trees, forests, dirt, plants, trails, and nature in general, suggests that going out in pairs each day, on a rotating schedule, will help the team become aware of the detailed lay of the land around the camp, and will help them establish regular contact with trappers operating in the area, too. This should have the effect of extending their ‘eyes and ears’ outward – southward – from the camp.

After settling into this routine, trappers from the south report that, as expected, bandit activity has increased. One party of trappers is overdue, having missed a scheduled rendezvous with another team, which then found evidence of a fight at a burned-out camp about 15 miles to the south. Another pair of trappers also reported being stalked by what they believed was a team of the Stag Lord’s men. They were able to get aware, however, before being attacked.

Are the bandits following their seasonal trend? Are they looking for something, or someone? The Thorn River Camp has enough supplies to keep 4 or 5 people fed for about a week or more, and the weather is cooling off quickly. The fall rains should come soon, say the locals, and after that will be a short dry spell, then the quick change to cold fall, and winter. Time is running short…

ps: Where’d I get the post title and tagline? 50 XP to whoever gets it correct first.

Victory Piled on Victory!
...and the party hits a minor snag

Heading south into the Narlmarches, the party discovered – by way of a sneak attack – that a troll had been shadowing them for some time. Despite the beast’s ability to regenerate most damage taken, the team eventually laid it low through a combination of fire, acid, and a few ferocious blows from Sir Anton. A minor flap resulted from this encounter, however, as the stalwart cavalier took exception to Zion’s reckless use of alchemist’s fire, which harmed two members of the party. Regardless, the team continued southward, tracking the fabled Tuskgutter, boar of great renown and local boogeyman.

A few days later, through the skilled and stealthy scouting of Kincaid, ranger extraordinaire-to-be, they found the beast’s lair, and, while planning a tactical masterpiece of an attack on said lair, were masterfully charged by the dire boar, which was trying to creep up on them as they so masterfully planned.

After an epic battle of sword, spell, tusk, and color (eh?), the vile and violent beast finally gave up its last breath and collapsed, making an opening for Sir Anton to charge Zion and beat him to a pulp for barfing color spray on poor Pik, the little guy. It’s always the little guy who gets picked on, right? Pik’d on. Huh. Anyway, since men are able to beat on each other then talk it out and shake hands, whereas women will cry and agree on consensus then harbor anger and plot against each other for months, all was resolved quickly and fully.

The beast was brought back to Oleg’s; a great feast was held for the locals; plans were made for the construction of an advance base; more land was explored; a funky dead guy was encountered; kobolds were bargained with; and the aforementioned advance base was mostly constructed. Winter is coming, shortly, and before will likely be an onslaught of bandit activity the likes of which our intrepid team have not yet seen. Hopefully our heroes will be up to the challenge of defeating the bandits, and in doing so protecting their reputation among the locals.

And 3rd level was reached, too.


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