Pathfinder Kingmaker

Heading South
It's getting cold out here...

After reclaiming the Temple of Erastil, and leaving a very happy and eager Jhod behind to clean up the site, the team heads southward to find…? Something? Are they after the fabled Tuskgutter? Or perhaps the coveted tatzylwyrm heads Oleg promised to purchase? And beyond those, there is still a great deal of wilderness to explore, map, and subdue.

The major issue on the trip south is the weather – it’s getting cold and wet. Travel in the forest is slow, due in part to the dense woods, but also due to a few days of heavy rain that turn game trails and established paths into muddy rivers, forcing the party to take refuge among the huge trees for parts of each day, and walking their horses at other times. It’s wet and cold, and when it’s not raining, it’s cold and foggy, with visibility in the forest limited at times to 50 feet or less. And there are definitely more animals out there…more sounds, just beyond the range of sight.

Retail Politics

It is said that all politics is local. It’s all fine and good to talk about big-picture plans and policies – ‘A Stronger Narlmarches,’ ‘A Brighter Future for the Kamelends’ – but what people really want to know is that they will be secure in their homes and with their families. And with this lot of settlers, that they’ll be largely left alone. A ‘chicken in every pot’ is helpful, too, so moving around the northern farming settlements to meet the locals and let them know who you are and what you’re up to is a good idea. Thus far, you’ve experienced a positive reception, and word of your accomplishments seems to be spreading quickly. Even more important than that, there seems to be a very positive feeling surrounding you and your accomplishments to date. The locals are happy to see you ride by, and some of them are even comfortable enough to go out of their way to talk to you, and even feed you.

The northern Narlmarches are largely mapped at this point. You have a strong sense of the lay of the land, where resources can be found, where settlements are and could be placed, and what issues are unique to various areas (the faeries, for example). No one seems the least bit sad by the passing of Breeg Orlov, the trapper. And Jhod is extremely grateful about your brave fight to reclaim the Temple of Erastil. He’s also appreciative of your offer to stick around for a day or two after the fight. He does, however, insist that he will be safe on hallowed ground as you four continue exploring southward.

Late in the day after the fight with the bear, the weather turns and it begins to rain, and continues to do so through the night. The next morning comes with a thick fog filling the forest, blanketing the ground and obscuring your vision. The temperature, which had been in the 70s during the day, drops into the low 60s, and lower at night. It’s humid and cool, with damp air, mushy ground, and a lingering smell of rain as you continue south of the Thorn River.

Harvest Bazaar

Upon returning to Oleg’s, the party is greeted with an unexpected development: a growing gathering of trappers and farmers, camped around the trading post. Apparently a local tradition that had stopped due to bandit activity, the Harvest Bazaar is on again, with residents of the northern Kamelands and Narlmarches meeting at Oleg’s for a few days of trading, sharing of news, and minor festivities.

By the morning after their return, there are over 50 people setting up tents and displays, trading furs and food, and swapping stories. All of them want to meet and talk with the adventurers, who are looked on by many as heroes, and some with suspicion. These are, after all frontiersmen, many of whom left civilization in search of liberty and a buffer between them and what many see as a coming civil war in Brevoy. Braving bandits and the wilderness is preferable to these folks than sitting still in the towns and farms of Rostland.

The Story, to Date
April, 4706

Armed with a charter from the Sword Lords of Restov, the brothers set off to clear the Stolen Lands of bandits, and claim themselves a kingdom. They defeated a group of bandits threatening Oleg’s Trading Post and, working off intelligence from captured bandits, began exploring south of the outpost. Over a period of weeks they dispatched a giant spider, found a hidden treasure cache, discovered a long-abandoned gold mine, initially fought then established friendly relations with a band of kobolds, and even assisted their new allies in routing a band of mites.

Between forays into the Kamelands and Narlmarches, the brothers returned to Oleg’s to catch up on news from the north, and manage relations with another group of would-be adventurers, led by a somewhat mysterious Issian. After several successful treks to the south, the brothers were met and befriended by two other Rostlanders who’d come south after hearing about the charter, and the success that two individuals were having – success no one else had been able to produce to date.

Working as a team, the four braved the dense, trackless Narlmarches to find the camp from where bandits had been operating these many months, menacing Oleg’s, the trade roads, and the northern Stolen Lands. They attacked the camp from two directions, and through their coordinated effort were able to eventually, after a tough fight, dispatch all but one of the bandits, whom they took prisoner.


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