Map Locations

  1. Southern Brevoy Road dips southward here
  2. Southern Brevoy Road heads east again
  3. Small farming villages in this hex, plus a rough trail heading back to Oleg’s. This hex is connected all the way to Oleg’s by a rough, narrow trail, suitable only for slow wagon travel.
  4. A few small farms here
  5. This is where the trap-filled glade was found. A game trail links this hex to #20
  6. Moderately dense forest
  7. Oleg’s Trading Post. A reasonably well-maintained trail connects the trading post to the advance camp in hex 29. It will require improvement in order to be used by anything more than small wagons and a few riders. UPDATE: A well-constructed road now connects Oleg’s Trading Post to what was the forward camp as well as Misthaven/Tuskwater Keep.
  8. Bokken’s hut (crazy alchemist)
  9. Barbarian cairn
  10. Dead trapper found here
  11. Faerie nest here
  12. Giant trapdoor spider found here
  13. Giant frog pond
  14. Temple of Erastil. A rough trail connects the temple to the camp in #29
  15. Thorn River Camp UPDATE: Now a small fortified outpost midway between Oleg’s and Tuskwater Keep. Mistborne Ranger Headquarters
  16. 5 Kings Gold mine
  17. Hidden treasure cache under old tree
  18. Statue of Erastil UPDATE: Accessible by road now.
  19. Boggard lair here — Garuum, Emperor of All He Surveys
  20. Tuskgutter’s former lair
  21. Fangberry thickets
  22. Massive tree under which mites used to live
  23. Nettles’ Crossing (funky undead)
  24. Former tatzylwyrm nest
  25. Natural river ford, as well as joining of two rivers
  26. Kobold land
  27. Seemingly friendly dryad, Tiressia, lives here; explored, not yet added
  28. Loggers met here by Kincaid; explored, not yet added
  29. Farmland to the west of Misthaven, connected by road to the capital; location of confrontation with Narthopple Expedition (feisty gnomes)
  30. Tuskwater Keep in the Capital City of Misthaven.
  31. Ancient, abandoned Elven keep; explored, not yet added
  32. Crazy Hermit Update: Now dead crazy hermit/“whackadoo” and final resting place of Noble, (otherwise known as “Cinnamon”).
  33. Tuskwater (deep lake) UPDATE: Deep water fishery as well as farmland now. Marshland on shore of Tuskwater is home to “Old Beldame”.
  34. Tuskwater (deep lake)
  35. Dense forest, considerable amount of good logging potential here; explored, not yet added
  36. Lizardfolk in abundance here; explored, not yet added
  37. Candlemere Lake (another deep lake) UPDATE: Island with tower in middle of lake. Rumored to be haunted.

Hill country Hill Country (Kamelands)

Grassland Grassland (Plains of Southern Brevoy/Northern Kamelands)

Forested mountains Forest-Covered Mountains (Narlmarches)

Dense forest Dense Forest (Narlmarches)

Map Locations

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