Misthaven, built around Tuskwater Keep, is the capital city of the Kingdom of Mistmarch, more commonly known as the Mistmarches. The keep is a rebuild of the former Stag Lord’s fort, is surrounded by a palisade, and consists of a central keep and several adjacent and nearby buildings within the walls. The fort sits atop a hill, and the main gate opens to the north, into town. A smaller secondary gate opens to the south, directly toward the Tuskwater.

Misthaven itself is mostly to the east, west, and north of the keep, with a central avenue running through town from the north to the keep’s main gate, and a street running east-west, bisecting the north-south road at the main gate. A central plaza, known as Founders’ Square, sits across the east-west road from the keep, and serves as a meeting place, festival location, and bit of open space in the growing town. The two main roads form into a rough circle around Founder’s Square, enabling traffic flow around it. Other, smaller, streets and alleys exist in town, as well.

Features & Buildings

GP Value: 2200
Population: 4000 (rough estimate)
Defense Modifier: +10
Misthaven consists of the following buildings, structures, and features.

  1. Tuskwater Keep, surrounded by a palisade. Defense Mod: +8
  2. Sisters’ Solutions – Herbalist Shop. Annalise and Evelynn Wynnwil, transplants from Restov, are an interesting and somewhat mysterious pair. They appeared in town in the spring of the first year to scout a location for their shop, then returned in summer with money and a few wagons full of supplies to get started. They’ve made it clear that they are in Misthaven to stay, and haven taken to hiring local trappers to harvest various plants & minerals from the surrouding woods & grasslands. They are a comely pair, and have taken part in local social life since their arrival. Neither are married, although they are both in their early 20s.
  3. Ahtur’s Lumber (pronounced Ah-Tour)- Mill (southwestern corner of town, on the water). Owned by Billings Ahtur, who moved his business south from a town in Rostland in hopes of having more success.
  4. Engle & Sons Tap House – Brewery (southeastern side of town). Tholemaus Engle and his sons, Coryn and Dareth, are from a well-known Rostlander family brewing dynasty. They came down to Mistmarch with a grant from the family and a desire to spread the name & brew into new lands.
  5. Kings’ Inn – Inn (north-central) Owned and operated by Aeris Stefson, his wife Trina, son Georg (16), and daughter Loren (14).
  6. Kerpopple’s Fine Sundries – General store. Jannicka Kerpopple is a widow with two children (11 and 14) who opened the general store with what was left from her late husband’s estate, in fulfillment of his dream. She has a portrait of him behind the counter and often tells stories about him if customers give her an opening.
  7. Expert Metalworks – Blacksmith, owned by the somewhat enigmatic Krisof Klaussenberg. A very well-appointed smithy.
  8. Watch tower, on north end of city. Defense Modifier: +2
  9. 4 blocks of houses
  10. Tuskwater Docks & Maritime Services – piers immediately east of the castle, serving the local fishermen.
  11. Walnut & Oak – carpenter, west of the castle, next to Ahtur’s Lumber, Established by a team of carpenters from Mivon (one of the River Kingdoms, to the SW).
  12. Casters’ Tower – built just east of Tuskwater Castle and owned by twin brothers Tomax and Xamot, a wizard and sorcerer.
  13. Illiosian Academy of the Mistmarches – an academy, headed by its president Erich Zahn and head professor, Markway d’Deridon Illios. A school of history, geography, and arcane research, it is organized along the lines of the famed Illiosian Academy of Absalom, and has stringent requirements for instructors and other faculty. Located on the western side of the city.


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