Pathfinder Kingmaker

In accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of the Mistmarches...

...if the glove does not fit, you must acquit!

The bard had been led out from Tuskwater Keep by two members of the Watch, accompanied by Akiros, Captain of the Watch, and a scribe, hired for the occasion. Brought back to the small platform in Founders’ Square, Grigoryi, hands tied behind his back and gagged, was stood up in the center of the stage, with a trooper on either side. Akiros stepped to one side, and began unrolling an official-looking scroll.

Moments later, kings Anton, Zion, Pik, and Reg appeared from inside the keep and approached the large and growing crowd. Attired in their finest clothes, the Warrior-King, Magister, Grand Diplomat, and Hand of Justice arrayed themselves on the platform, facing the prisoner. Akiros spoke with the leaders briefly, then turned to Grigoryi and spoke directly to him. The bard, still wearing his clothes from the day before and looking somewhat tousled, nodded slightly. Akiros reached forward and untied the gag around the prisoner’s mouth.

The Captain of the Watch then turned to the crowd and spoke.

“People of Misthaven and the Kingdom of the Mistmarch, you have gathered here to behold the work of the law, and see the pursuit of justice. The prisoner, name of Grigoryi, has been accused of fomenting dissent among the people, conspiring to instigate rebellion against the legally empowered government of the realm, defamation of the lawfully titled leaders, namely the Five Kings, of the realm, and willful deception of the people by means of magic.” Turning the page of the multi-layered scroll, he continued.

“In order to determine the facts of this case, King Pikandrozonomere, a vested cleric of Irori, will call upon divine powers to compel all those present on the platform to speak the truth only. The prisoner will be questioned; statements from the kings will be heard; and witnesses from among you, the people, will be called. As is custom and law, the truth shall determine the outcome of this proceeding. If found guilty of some or all the charges, the accused shall suffer the punishment of a minimum of a public flogging and time in the stocks, and at worst, imprisonment for a period of months or years, or possibly death if warranted by revelation through questioning.”

Gazing out over the crowd, Akiros took stock of those around him, and gave everyone involved a moment to let the seriousness of it all sink in. Nodding toward Pik and muttering, “m’lord,” he steps aside as the gnome begins to cast his spell.

After a round of questions, seeking the truth of why Grigoryi is in Misthaven, his purpose, and other pertinent facts, the truth is clear: hired by agents from Fort Drelev, a settlement far to the west, Grigoryi’s purpose was to sow dissent and rebellion in Misthaven and try to spread it to the greater Mistmarches. Testimony from several people – including some of his would-be followers – corroborates his answers, essentially convicting him of the crimes.

The bard then breaks down and begs mercy from the kings, offering even more information, although it’s quite sparse. He is not entirely certain that the agents who hired him were really from Fort Drelev, or that those there were the final source of his job. He’s not sure at all, in fact, although he thinks it’s bigger than just those who hired him. That’s what he has to offer, along with his apologies to the crowd at large, his gold, and whatever he can do to “repair the harm I have done!”

The crowd is clearly taken aback by his admission and pleas, and the initial cries of “hang him high!” have died down, replaced in part by pockets of “merciful punishment!” and “correct him; do not kill him!”


This guys is better equipped than I am…


No kidding!! He has no room to complain about our supposed wealth! Holy Crap!!! What a hypocrite! But then, what can you expect from those who hate initiative, wealth, and power for anyone but themselves. Wait, that sounds like somewhere else I’ve heard of…


Well, all that stuff is yours, now, so quit complaining. Now what are you going to ask this chump?!


“Do you have any last words before your sentence is carried out?” Sir Anton solemly inquires as he draws six feet of blade from its scabbard.

“blah, sob, blah, sob, blah, sob, sob…” squeels fezhead.

“Then by the authority vested in us by our charter, we hereby sentence you to death. Because we are just rulers, it will be swift and sure. As is Rostland law and tradition: the makers of the law are the ones to carry out the law.”

And the wind whistles briefly as the steel finishes its deadly arc, dropping Grigoryi’s head at his feet.

“Due to the evil nature of such a criminal, we hereby decree that the corpse be destroyed and his ashes scattered on the wind at four opposite points of the kingdom. Let it be written—Let it be so!”

And thus, the matter is settled and we can now move on…FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pik watches Anton, and realizes another one of his fantasies is playing out in his mind and it ended violently because he is smiling.


Anton awakesbin a cold sweat, his bedcovers knotted around his legs. Another dream, another night of scrappy sleep. Frustrating were the burdens of rulership and the responsibility it carried. Life was easier with just a sword and no crown…but such was the reality of his birthright. And so he would abide by this trial, as it was in accordance with the law…and then sentence would be carried out…


Now I can appreciate that you wish to be vague in order to continue to sway these good people, however you are avoiding the facts. You seem to think our people are stupid, I can assure you they are not.
Answer yes or no. Did you receive compensation to specifically sew dissent in this kingdom?
Were you sent to gather information in other words spy on this land.
Other than these people who pay you for your entertainment, who paid you to come to these lands to sew dissent?


META: I would substitute Reg hitting him whenever he gets punched in the gut. He will address us as royalty and with a civil tongue or Anton will remove it with some pliers!

In Game: in a kingly huddle…
He is obviously defeating the ZOT. Why must we continue this cherade? (META: We are entertaining him by acting like the drunken, retarded queen in Yellowbeard.) Anton will offer to take fezhead for a ride…from a rope behind his horse! Then leave his body on display at the bandit graveyard. This farce has been allowed to grow out of control. These matters are best handled immediately and swiftly. Now that its ridiculously out of control, I should challenge him to a duel and allow time for people from all over the known world to come and we can sell tickets like a damn circus. WE ARE KINGS, my brothers! Why do we not act like kings?!? Our laws specifically state that items requiring redress should first come before the lower council and if warranted, before the high council. He did not follow this law, therefor he has broken this law. Retribution should be swift and sudden as is Rostland law and tradition. Why do we now cowar and quake in the presence of the first pretty boy that comes along. I am ashamed of our behavior, my brothers. We will be mocked across the land and no one will take us and our laws seriously. We will be run down by the first covey of old crones with wooden spoons!
Anton storms from the room in a dark mood and walks the walls of the keep until late in the night.


I see you are unable to follow instructions. “Meta… We need to coerce him with a bit of muscle or something… Ie intimidate to get out of him the full truth.”


Pik turns to his brothers, “Give me some time with him” Turns to Grigoryi “So, you enjoy just walking through the lands spreading filth where ever you go. Grigoryi, cut the games, we are not HALF-WITS!” Pik makes sure Grigoryi is still bound and replaces the gage. He begins casting Cause Fear, since he is tied up, he will thrash around in a fearful state for up to four rounds. Once this is finished, Pik says to Grigoryi using Taunt “I don’t think your heart has always been this tainted, you must be on your Deity’s path. I wonder how well you have followed that path, and even further, how you will fare on your current course. Let us take a look shall we?” Pik proceeds to cast Early Judgment. Once this is completed, Pik watches him attempting to determine which effects Grigoryi is under, Fascination, Confused, or Shaken. Pik changes to Diplomacy when it appears the effects are wearing off, before casting ZoT again, he says “Now, you need to understand the possible outcomes that are before you. If you continue taunting us there can really only be one outcome…” Giving it a moment to sink in “On the other hand, if you cooperate with providing us information, we may be lenient. So, let us start again.” Pik casts Zone of Truth and begins going through the same line of questioning.


Meta: Clearly, the ZoT was not effective when cast on Grigoryi that night at the Keep. I’d assume you guys intimidate him, maybe rough him up a bit, and basically put as much fear into him as possible. Although he resisted the spell, he’s not stupid, and has got to realize that he’s in a world of hurt at this point. Reg suggests keeping him up all night so there’s no way for him to gather himself and have any spells the next day – everyone knows that spellcasters need time to concentrate and meditate in order to be able cast. And so the night goes on, the kings sleep, and a rotation of guards pokes & prods the bard to keep him from falling asleep. In fact, Reg and another guard takes turns keeping him not only awake, but standing, and sometimes walking around the inside of the palisade. By morning, minus water, food, sleep, and any real rest, the guy’s pretty beat, and ready for trial! And so he’s brought before the people, as indicated in the post itself, and asked the questions – from Pik – that I’d been sent originally. I’ll add those to the post in a moment so you can read them, too. By the time you check the thing, based on the notification from this comment, the post itself will be updated.


Okay, taking into account Pik’s addition – which was obviously written at the same time I was writing my comment, here are his answers to the 2nd casting of Zot:

  1. Why have you come? To sow dissent and hasten the downfall of your little realm.
  2. What is your purpose here? Haven’t I already answered that question?
  3. Who sent you? A representative of Fort Drelev hired me to cause problems here.
  4. Did you receive compensation in order to spread discord in our city? Yes.
  5. What land did you come from? I am originally from Ustalav, however, I have traveled for many years across this continent.

And all that nastiness about marching him around all night is in place. You get those 5 seemingly truthful answers out of him, then march him around all night, then the post will pick up – within the post! – that next day in front of the people.


Pik walks up and addresses the guards “Bind and gag him, and put him back in holding.” Pik turns to his Brothers “We will confer and come to a verdict. We will then bring Grigoryi out and render said verdict.”


Akiros nods smartly and motions to the guard standing at Grigoryi’s sides, who immediately take hold of him and lead him off the platform, back toward the keep, Akiros leading the way.

Reg, in his capacity as the Hand of Justice, turns to address the crowd.

“People of Misthaven, you have seen justice done. The facts are now known; the sequence of events established; and guilty and offended parties identified. It is now up to the kings of these Mistmarches, on behalf of you the people, to determine the proper sentence for Grigoryi Drendenovitch, of Ustalav and other parts. As is customary, judgment will be announced at the height of day tomorrow.”

With that, the kings look out onto the crowd in an attempt to read its mood, and, with some small talk on the way, make their way back inside Tuskwater Keep.


Who is unable to follow instructions?!?


The next day, Grigoryi is brought yet again to Founders’ Square, stripped, and tied over a log. Anton, nods to his valet, who is carrying a bucket of jelly, and makes ready to unfasten his most regal codpiece….

“The sentence shall now be carried out! It is DEATH! DEATH by Magoomba!”

Meta: Geez! What else do you want??


Now, now. Stop projecting your secret desires on others. You know Anton doesn’t roll that way.


…?… Brokeback Mistmarch? I think not. I’ll kill him with inflict Serious Wounds if I have to.


Okay, okay. That doesn’t happen – at least, not outside of Anton’s darkest dreams. Much like the guy from Team America, Anton is willing & ready to go the distance…or something like that.

We can start up with the proclamation of the sentence on the next day, then we’ll fast-forward a week so that Kincaid can return and show you the collectible spoons, thimbles, and other travel-related baubles he found in the forest.


Wait…kill Grigoryi or Anton? I can see a sudden look of complete shock & disgust on Pik’s little face, compelling him to action on behalf of the people.

And if it’s the bard, Pik wouldn’t do that – that’s why you have a Hand of Justice.


If we have a week, does anyone have any MW weapons or armor that isn’t kincaid who could use some enhancing? We can sell some of grigoryi’s loot for cash on hand, so I can whip up a +1 something… But it has to be already masterworked…


Last comment on this post: the bard’s +1 rapier and chain shirt were cashed in for funding necessary to enable Anton, Pik, and Zion to add +1 to their existing masterwork armor of whatever sort they already had. I’ll add a post detailing tonight’s session tomorrow.


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