Pathfinder Kingmaker

April, Year 2

Starting Stats: Economy: 37, Loyalty: 16, Stability: 28, Unrest: 0, BP: 50, Consumption: -1, Command DC: 33


  1. DC33; rolled 19=47; +1BP
  2. Consumption: 0
  3. Items: n/a
  4. Unrest: n/a


  1. Leadership: no changes
  2. Claim hexes: none
  3. City construction: Academy (51BP) – Econ+2, Loyalty+2, 3 minor, 2 medium items.
  4. Open Space construction: none
  5. Edicts: Maintenance of six festivals throughout the year (cost of 2 BP, +2 Loyalty); standard promotion level (2BP, +2 Stability); standard taxation level continued.


  1. 5000gp worth of coins, gems, and items deposited in treasury: +5BP
  2. Withdrawals: none
  3. Items sold: Zion’s epic fail – single item not sold.
  4. DC33; added 16BP treasury


  1. None

Ending Stats: Economy: 43, Loyalty: 21, Stability: 31, Unrest: 0, BP: 21, Consumption: -1, Command DC: 33


The construction of the Academy is completed this month, and brings with it a great deal of interest from locals and some children are enrolled on scholarship and others through tuition. The initial faculty is made up of mostly recent arrivals from up north, and includes experts in geography, history, engineering, and, to a lesser extent, alchemy. The small group of teachers chartered the academy and brought with them connections to the university system in Brevoy.

While the school has its own research library – with only a small collection thus far – Erich Zahn, the director, is already lobbying for the construction of a city-supported library, and is offering the assistance of the faculty in selecting and organizing books (hence the reduction of BP for building a library).

April, Year 2

Zion will take a part time interest in teaching. (I put a point in profession Teacher) his area is going to be in the mystical arts.

April, Year 2

He only gets Adjunct status at the school – no tenure, not benefits, and they only let him teach the intro courses.

April, Year 2

Considering he is the only arcane teacher, he gets all the good stuff.

April, Year 2

Shortly after the kings’ return to Misthaven, a team of rangers and militia is dispatched to the site of the Elven keep to retrieve valuable items found there and secure the location for possible future use.

After hearing reports from the Lower Council, and seeing to the immediate management and leadership needs of the city and realm, Anton pays a visit to Sisters’ Solutions to check in on Evelynn Wynnwil, and invite her to another dinner at the keep. Over dinner, the maiden informs Anton of her decision regarding his proposal of last month: she would be honored and happy to accept him as her husband.

Word spreads quickly in the town, and plans begin to come together for a ceremony in May, to coincide with Firstbloom, an annual observance in late May of the blossoming of the Narlilly, a brightly-colored flower native to the Narlmarches that tends to bloom in mid-Spring. The observance, which is woven through with druidic traditions and hints of fertility, seems a good match for the realm’s first wedding of note.

After so many months of a proper and formal courtship, the couple is happy to have things become public, and the people of the town are, it seems, happy for their warrior-king, who’s seen smiliing far more than he usually does.

April, Year 2

Ok, we need to go adventuring before the wedding, I need to get a wedding gift. At least 1500 gp worth. And a sneaky bastard to abscond with his blade of 2 days…

April, Year 2

Great. Zion wants to go steal something for a wedding gift. Sounds like a “you might be a redneck” joke in the making. Of course, no one would know the difference if Anton gets away with having that tiara polished and passing if off as a family heirloom.

April, Year 2

It was Anton’s great, great, grandmother’s tiara she wore when Rostland celebrated some big national holiday (the name is lost to memory) and now recovered and restored. How did you know? Oh, duh, its in the module.

April, Year 2

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