Pathfinder Kingmaker

Bright Night

...kicking over slimy rocks...

Operation Bright Night took about 5 weeks to fully implement, due to some logistical problems and production challenges. In the end, several streets in the working class neighborhoods around the old harbor area – the real slums – were lit at night as the air warmed, heralding the coming of summer. Shorter nights, now lit, resulted in a steep drop in crime and a corresponding boost to the businesses of that area, also a result of a festival encouraged by the kings and put on by local business owners.

A fortnight after all the lights were up, crime had dropped by over 60% on those streets, and a number of wanted petty and more serious criminals had been caught – unaccustomed as they were to being seen, their routine was thoroughly upset, and many were therefore apprehended.

Of several notable brigands captured, Brango O’Rourke and his accomplice, Shandyrayn – two notorious thieves – provided Sir Akiros with actionable intelligence about some of the worst elements at work along the old waterfront. Drug smuggling & sales, and prostitution were rampant in that area, and the two men were more than willing to drop dime (or, in this case, Anton) on those they knew to be involved in those trades.

Within a few weeks Akiros was confident that the worst blocks were essentially isolated, and that traffic in and out of them could be adequately monitored.

“My lords,” he announced as he brought his briefing on the progress of Bright Night to a close, "I believe it is time to launch Operation Sanctuary.

“We have enough reserves on hand to handle routine patrols and enforcement in the rest of the city, enabling us to detail the best for this work – at least for the first few nights. After that we can continue the push with our MaxTac teams, of which I now have three. One will be on duty, one will be on emergency reserve, and the last will rest unless needed.

“And with the addition of you,” he nodded in general to the four kings surrounding the table map in the tight quarters of the anti-scrying room, “we can cut this cancer out of our good city!”

The kings cheered a mighty roar of ‘huzzah!’ and clanked their great kingly tankards of ale together, and then broke into a bawdy song of war, adventure, and comely damsels in distress before gorging themselves on hearty stew served in sourdough bread bowls.


Remember, Anton doesn’t drink. He’ll clink glasses with a Shirley temple.

Bright Night

Let’s call it a Roy Rogers for his sake. But his pinky is still in the air.

Bright Night

Meta General question. is prostitution illegal? It is the oldest profession and all. Human trafficking is right out, but doin ‘It’ for cash, I’m not feeling it. Like Inara from Fire Fly, to Cassiopeia from original Battle Star Galactica. It doesn’t have to be as looked down upon as a bad thing.

Bright Night

What say you, kings? Is prostitution legal in the Mistmarches? How about slavery? Indentured service? Forced service for debtors? It’s your realm; you make the decisions. It is a very good category of questions, though, so please make some decisions.

Bright Night

I don’t have a problem with prostitution, nor do I have a problem with indentured servitude for paying off a debitor, but said debtor can not sell said services to another person/organization. Slavery coming into the country is right out. Of course, Tue Kings will have final say on individual case by case basis. (Think of the kings as Tue Supreme Court)

Bright Night

That sounds like a coherent set of policies for a LN kingdom.

Bright Night

That’s right. Zion has a good head on his shoulders.

Bright Night

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