Pathfinder Kingmaker

Post Script to a Campaign

100% Pure American Meta

I hadn’t intended to end this campaign when last month I got a burst of focused creativity and needed to write more. I think, however, it is over, and ended the right way. The story of the founding of the Kingdom of the Mistmarches was told by a group of us who played almost weekly for a total of well over a year. During this time we added a lot to the story online only – it was a perfectly hybrid campaign, and it was the most extensive and well-developed story I have had the privilege of creating through a game.

After reading that last post again it became clear that the story of Anton, Pik, Zion, Kincaid, and Reg is over. They’ve done their piece for those of us who played them and worked together to create this world, and it’s time to let them rest. Perhaps someday I’ll pick up with the Mistmarches again, but not with these characters – maybe Anton’s children, or the grandchildren of some of the secondary characters will make names for themselves some day, after their generation has been entrusted with the fate of their home.

Thanks for reading and for contributing.



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