Pathfinder Kingmaker

Rumors in the Air

Like a thief in the night, taking more than their share, taking more than their right...

Within a few days of arriving at the advance camp and settling in, the team establishes a regular set of patrols in the area. Kincaid, using his extensive knowledge of all things related to trees, forests, dirt, plants, trails, and nature in general, suggests that going out in pairs each day, on a rotating schedule, will help the team become aware of the detailed lay of the land around the camp, and will help them establish regular contact with trappers operating in the area, too. This should have the effect of extending their ‘eyes and ears’ outward – southward – from the camp.

After settling into this routine, trappers from the south report that, as expected, bandit activity has increased. One party of trappers is overdue, having missed a scheduled rendezvous with another team, which then found evidence of a fight at a burned-out camp about 15 miles to the south. Another pair of trappers also reported being stalked by what they believed was a team of the Stag Lord’s men. They were able to get aware, however, before being attacked.

Are the bandits following their seasonal trend? Are they looking for something, or someone? The Thorn River Camp has enough supplies to keep 4 or 5 people fed for about a week or more, and the weather is cooling off quickly. The fall rains should come soon, say the locals, and after that will be a short dry spell, then the quick change to cold fall, and winter. Time is running short…

ps: Where’d I get the post title and tagline? 50 XP to whoever gets it correct first.


ps: Where’d I get the post title and tagline? Song: Rumours in the Air Band: Night Ranger Album: Midnight Madness

Rumors in the Air

You are correct, sir! 50XP to Pik!

Rumors in the Air

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