Pathfinder Kingmaker

"through the portal we go...we know...we know..."

A maelstrom of snow and ice swirled around the two figures, blurring their lines and concealing them within the clearing. The guards outside of the growing meadow were dead, their bodies already freezing solid, and the pickets within the forest were unaware of the presence of the two.

“Land’s frozen…we’re chosen…we know….we know…where we….go….” the elf muttered, unaffected by the sub-zero temperatures, despite the fact that she was naked, wearing only calf-high boots, a black headband, and smears of brightly-dyed animal fat spread across her bare skin.

The riot of images, sounds, and voices in her head rivaled that of the storm, colliding and morphing with one another. Sanity was no longer a question or concern, but volition persisted, along with the remnants of core values, and perspectives based on them.

“Tuk, tuk,” she clicked at the great cat under her, urging it forward a few steps.

And without further talk, sound or thought, she and her companion vaulted through the winter portal, eager to find and destroy the causes and creatures behind the frozen blight visited on her beloved Narlmarches.


Show and sleet buffeted Tessara and the cat as the two bounded across the frozen hills, driving I hard toward a group of travelers – perhaps a caravan. Moments later they came together and the elf, shocking the locals with her presence and nudity, asked them kindly where the local witch could be found. One woman stood out from the rest, stepping forward literally and in the confident air she commanded, and spoke.

“Why would you know this?” She asked after having pulled her heavy scarf down from her mouth.

The mad elf paused, pondering the woman’s question.

“So I can kill her, her followers, and open the doors to her grainery to anyone interested. Why else?”

Exchanging surprised and fearful glances, the locals considered this bizarre newcomer.

“And what of us when her sisters come for revenge?” asked the spokeswoman.

The elf looked at her with a slightly confused expression, as if the other woman had just farted out sunshine and grown antlers.

“I’ll kill them, too, of course….all of them…” answered, a dreamy look in her eyes.


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