History of the Mistmarches

Name Origin: The Greenbelt, made up of the Narlmarches and Kamelands, is known for its open spaces, diverse wildlife, sometimes harsh winters, and the ever-present morning fog. Hence, the Mistmarches was chosen as a name that combined two knowns, while implying another.

Capitol City: Tuskwater Keep, at the center of Misthaven, first city of the Kingdom of the Mistmarches. Both are situated on the northern shore of the Tuskwater, around a large hill, on which the keep sits.

Notable Memorials

  1. Grozni Tunbar Shelton – Mistborn Ranger, Died while assisting members of his squad cross a river in the central Narlmarches in March of Year 2. The first ranger camp, at the site of the former bandit river camp, was named after him: Camp Shelton

First Year

History of the Mistmarches

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