House Rules

Character Options
Action Points
Characters begin with APs equal to their level and renew with each level. Points can also be earned through heroic action, clever roleplay, or other high-quality story-focused actions and ideas.

  • Points can be spent one/encounter, and only one at a time, save for the last option.
  • +8 bonus before die roll, or +4 after, before results are announced
  • Re-roll any die
  • Move initiative order
  • Plot control – cash in one to tell how it happened…subject to DM and overall group approval based on story focus and appropriateness
  • Cash in two to immediately stabilize at whatever negative HP reached, and avoid further death saves. Other players can donate their points to enable this if the player in need lacks enough points.


  • Roll a 1 during combat and you miss, and must draw a card from the fumble deck.

Critical Hits

  • Crits earned by rolling a natural 20 do not need to be confirmed. Crits earned with a weapon with an extended crit range must still be confirmed, unless a 20 was rolled. Critical hits of any type result in double damage (roll twice, or roll once and multiply by 2 – player’s choice before the roll), or a card drawn from the critical hits deck.


  • Have your action ready to go when your turn comes up. I’ll have the entire initiative sequence visible, and will announce who’s up and who’s on deck for next.
  • After enemies are hit for the first time I’ll announce their AC, or whatever defenses have been struck at so far, in order that players can determine whether they’ve hit or not.
  • Keep out-of-game distractions to a minimum.
    • All player rolls are made in ‘the pit’ on the table. Dice must be clearly marked and easily readable by everyone. Hit & damage dice are rolled together.*

Proposed House Rules

House Rules

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