Stag Lord's Fort

The fort consists three watchtowers: one in the north east corner, one in the northwest, and one in the southwest. These towers are connected by a series of walkways, either leftover from parts of the pre-existing structure, or built by the Stag Lord’s men more recently. The main gate consists of two doors that are on runners, sliding open (like turbolift doors on the Enterprise). The doors lock together solidly, and there is a crossbar, as well.

The old keep is separated into roughly six internal sections on the ground level: the main, largest, barracks area; the owlbear pen, which is connected to the barracks; a storage room, accessible at the back of the barracks; the Stag Lord’s (former) room, which is reached by going through the storage room; a room with a stairway going to the second floor (the stairs that Akiros went up early in the battle); and the kitchen, which is accessed by going through the otherwise empty stairway room. After searching the grounds, another stairway, located on the south side of the fort, is located – it leads to the walkways that connect the watch towers.

The second story of the keep consists of the three watch towers, the connecting walkways (which open into small platforms in a few places), and a large open area, partially covered by an old roof, where there are some cots and other evidence of habitation. This is where Auchs (Blaster) had his neatly-arranged collection of knights & dragons.

Finally, there is a cellar, accessed by going down the inside stairway. It consists of three rammed-earth wall rooms with strong support beams. None of the rooms are wider than 10 feet or longer than 25 feet. Regardless, there entire area is roughly 300 square feet – enough to store a good amount of whatever you want stored. And it’s much cooler down there, too.

The fort’s walls are roughly 15 feet high, consist of strong logs sharpened at the tops. None of them are more than 6 inches apart. The walkway within the palisade is mostly stable; the watch towers are in the same state of repair; and the keep itself is in need of a serious renovation. The keep could be enlarged if some of the rubble (from collapsed walls and the old roof) was cleared.

Stag Lord's Fort

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